If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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23. Justine and Nate - 6

*sigh* Justine and I couldn't be more happier. I'm so glad I can talk to someone about "Nate". It no longer feels bad, that I have to lie. Turns out, we couldn't be more alike. I really like her and I think she likes me too. Nothing's official but, we do have those "moments".

And business is booming, we have 4 new waiters/waitresses, a musician and 2 new chefs, all in one week! The previous owner even came in and said the place is amazing.

This weekend, Teenie and I, Teenie, is her nickname, are going to a carnival. We dressed up,

as food,

her choice.

She understand me. I don't think there's anyone quite like my Teenie Bopper.

We enter the carnival as pizza and a burrito, me being the pizza. We look, delicious.

The first thing we came to was the food court, we need fill up if we want spend the day out. For the heck of it, I ate pizza and she ate a burrito.

After we filled up, we needed to settle our stomachs, so we went to do some typical carnival games. First up, balloon darts. My accuracy is not the best but, I think I'm pretty good. That was until it was Teenie's turn. She hit all the high scoring balloons. She won herself a giant stuffed unicorn.

Next we head to the basketball hoops. A little girl stopped us, she looked up

"Can I get a photo, giant pizza and giant burrito?"

Teenie and I look at each other and smile,

"Sure" Teenie said.

The girls mother grabbed a camera and we stood there holding the little girls hand. She was cutie

I then take Teenie's hand and walk to the basket ball hoops.

No surprise, Justine got every shot. When it was my turn, I got one. And that was only because Teenie helped me. Another big stuffed animal for her.

Right, now I want some thrill, roller coaster! Unfortunately we aren't allowed to go on in costume. So we go to the closest clothes place and buy some clothes to change into. We walked back to the roller coaster and the line was forever long.

Horror house!

For once, something I can be good at.


I didn't say much after we left the horror house, I had no idea why, but it was really bad. It must have been scary, because Teenie was a little paranoid from all the things that poked out at us.


"Fortune telling!" she pointed to this mystical tent, with a mysterious lady sitting at a table under star sheets.

"Are you sure? I sorta think that stuff is crap"

"You never know, what she might know". Teenie took my hand and sat me at the lady's table before I could say anything.

"A little eager are we?" the lady said

"She is, I, am not."

"I see..."

"Of course you see" This lady totally agrees with me

"I mean I'm seeing into your future."

"Right" this is not on my top 5 favorite things to be at.

"Shh! And pay attention!" Teenie loudly whispers to me.

She is deep in thought, and looks at Teenie and I.

"You, are not who you pose yourself as, and your lady knows" Ok so maybe she knows something. "what would you like to know?"

"Where do you see us, in the future?" Justine asks

The lady massages her temples, then looks back at us.

"I see you," points to me, "as yourself. With a group of people. Your happy, and your lady is there too,"

Justine bends down to hug me from behind, as we listen for more.

"And she is wearing a ring"

Teenie stands us, "What type of ring?"

"Yeah and what people?" I ask, does this mean my lads? My family? I couldn't come out of hiding unless it's with them.

"I'm sorry that is all we have time for" and the lady literally pushes us out of the entrance.

"What was she on about?" Teenie asks me.

"She's a crazy lady, I wouldn't take anything she says personally" I reassure her.

"Ok. I want to leave soon, but I want to try one ride first."

Justine turns to me,

"Cover your eyes"

"Ok, just don't leave me"

Teenie, takes my hand and we start walking. We come to a stop,

"you can uncover your eyes"

I open my eyes, we are standing in front of a ride called "the love boat". Cheesey but I see where this is going, and let out a big smile.

Hand in hand, getting on the boat.


As a fan, I'm already inlove with Niall. But I'm getting to know him personally and, I want to make him mine. This was the perfect opportunity.

He wraps his arms around me, and the boat starts going.

We get into the tunnel, and you can't see behind us. In front of us was low lights of red. It didn't take long, for Niall to have his lips pressed against mine.

I start moaning and our kisses intensify, tongues intertwined. I sat on his lap and he starts kissing down my neck, and then I kiss every inch of his face. He stops me, and pushes me beside him.

He can't leave me like this!

I soon realize that he did that because we were getting close to the end of the tunnel. Opened up to the public, I turn to Niall and just laugh and laugh. He has my kiss prints all over his face. As we get off the boat, the people around start giggling.

We went to call it a day, and he drops me off and walks me to my door. We try an awkward goodbye, but I can't help myself. I pull him inside and kiss him, and we kiss intently and work our way to my bedroom.

If my first time is to be with anyone, I want it to be with Niall. There's no hesitation to get to it.
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