If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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19. Justine and Nate - 5

I just came back from the diner. My idol refuses to admit he's him in front of me. I know he doesn't know me but I'm me! I'm a lovable person.

Today he scared me. Niall angry! It's nothing like I have ever seen before. I don't think he could ever forgive me. He's a big star, and I'm a small town girl, that knows possibly everything about him!

Actually, how dare he treat someone like that!

*knock knock*
I get up to the door, and slowly open it. As I saw who it was, I slam the door shut, locking the locks.

"Wait! Justine! I know what I said was harsh but you have to understand where I'm coming from. Please let me inside!" He sounded like he really meant it, but he's not getting in. Not now, not ever!

"Forget it! You treated me like an idiot in your diner!"

"I know but... I wish I hadn't. If I could take it back I would have as soon as I said it. Otherwise I wouldn't be at your doorstep, I promise this will get better. I will make sure it does"

"Go. Away."

"No! Not until you listen to what i say!"

"That's never going to happen"

"I guess I could be waiting here for an eternity. You can't stay in there forever, you've gotta come out sometime."

"And when I do you won't be there!" I march straight to my room, close the door and lie on my bed.


I was hoping she would be more understanding this. It's not her fault. Well, it i. I was really only thinking of myself when I screamed at her. If there was a way to get her to listen I would know.

The guitar! A song! A 1D song! No one can resist that! I rush to the elevator and sprinted, as soon as I got to the lobby, I ran to my car. The guitar was in the front seat looking all spick and span. I ran up stairs, was huffing and puffing. I clear my throat. And there's only one song that came to my mind as I started playing.

"You're so pretty

When you cry

When you cry

Wasn't ready

To hear you

Say goodbye

Now you're tearing me apart

Tearing me apart

You're tearing me apart

You're so London

Your own style

Your own style

We're together

We're so good

So, girl, why

Are you tearing me apart?

Tearing me apart

You're tearing me apart

Did I do something stupid?

Yeah, girl, if I blew it

Just tell me what I did

Lets work through it"

I was cut off by screaming, hearing her march closer and closer, it scared me. Well that's one more line than she got to.

The locks were being fiddle with, and finally the door is open.

"SHUT UP! It's not going to work! Your treated me like shit in the diner! Thought it was partially my fault, does not give you permission to go screaming at me! And then come crawling back like its all..."

I was not sure what I was thinking but,

I cut her off and leaped to her, grabbed her face and sealed it with a kiss.


I pull back from him, surprised, but confused. But I went with it any way.

He pushes me back, slams me on the couch and kicks the door closed. Niall pushed more force in my mouth. What was I doing? He then starts kissing me on the neck. Nope! nothing's going to happen. I shove him away and on to the other side of the couch. And he starts coming back.

I put my hand in his face, "Ahhh yeah no" Why would I say that?! He's the one I want, the one I'd been saving it for.

I could see the confusion on his face.

"I'm not going to give myself to someone who only started kissing me 2 minutes ago. Forget it buddy."

"You're a virgin?"

"Not that it's any of your concern" I walk away tithe kitchen and grab myself a coffee. "Anyway, I'm still mad at you"

"Yes a coffee would be great right now, thanks"

I rolled my eyes as went to get another mug.

"I'm sorry that I came out with your secret like that. It was uncalled for and I really am sorry"

"I'm the one that's supposed to be apologizing here. I get it. You were fan, and I overwhelm you. That's why you came out with it."

"That's ok. I appreciate your understanding."

"Oh! And I'm also sorry for pushing you for it earlier"

"It? Sex."

"Yes ok"

I come back with both coffees and plop myself i the couch.

"So are you gonna tell me?"

"Excuse me?"

"What happened with One Direction?"

He got himself comfy on the couch, Niall told me everything he knew. He started crying and cuddled into my arms.

Wow. Now I feel like a selfish bitch.
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