If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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6. Justine - 2

I got called into work, late. Why would they need me at this time, my shift doesn't start until 6am tomorrow. I start driving and noticed all the lights in LA. I've never had the time to realize how beautiful LA is as night. I draw my focus back onto the road and turn in at the diner. I walk round the back, through the office to be greeted by the my boss and brown shaggy haired guy with a scruffy beard, he seemed familiar.

"Justine, the diner is going under and I have no options but to sell." He said concerned. "That was until I came across this guy, Nathan Crate. He came in today," Ah that's where he's from. "he was very interested in what we do here. Jokingly I said, "is that an offer? Because its all yours mate. We're going down under" and gave..."

"Wait! Why am I here?" I interrupted.

"Because! Nate is taking over this place, and I need someone to help him out"

"Why can't your star pupil, Rhiannon, help him?" I said rudely.

Rhiannon, she's the biggest suck up ever! I even caught her in the act with the boss. But they threatened my job, knowing how much I needed it. The boss is so oblivious to her actions, she's a horrible singer, but all the hourly songs are hers. And has given out too many orders to the wrong people. But because she's banging the boss, she's never had a care in the world. I swear she was the one that was making this place go under.

"She quit after she found out I was taking over" Nathan laughed. I had to admit that was a bit funny. And it calmed me down.

"Alright, I will leave it to you." He grabs his keys and coat and heads out the door.

I lead Nathan to the kitchen. I started getting some snacks and coffee.

"Oh good, I am starving."

I pulled out some yoyos cookies and a 2 slices of cake from the fridge, for me and for Nathan, because he's a dude, they eat like whales.

As I turned away to make the coffees, he scoffed the food down. I turn around to find one yoyo nicely placed out. And crumbs all around him and all over his mouth.

"Seriously?! I'm so hungry! And you ate it all on me!" I said in hysterics

"What! I left you a yoyo, I was being polite!" And smiles.

"A pig at minimum!"

"Yeah maybe your right..." He laughs

I laugh to, as I try to explain who does what, in the kitchen but he keeps on looking at me, weirdly. I show him to the counter of the diner. I was blabbering a bit. And it seemed like he was taking none of it in.

"Nathan are you listening to me?"

"You can call me Nate, I stopped after I ate the food. Anyway how am I supposed to remember all the workers by tomorrow?"

"Nate. Well in the kitchen, there's fat sweaty chef, Will, and skinny clean chef, Jake. The waitresses and waiters are shy Jenny Asian, country Westly, winner Tom and me Teenie bopper."

"Ok, I kind-of got that, what is with all the retarded names for the waitresses and waiters?"

"It helps remember them. Shy Jenny Asain. Is really shy person but got one heck of a voice, and she's Asain. Country Westly loves singing country songs. Winner Tom, sings well known hero songs. And I have been called Teenie bopper for as long as I can remember and it suits the pop music I sing."

I think he zoned out while I was telling him that, because he walked over to the piano.

"You play?" I asked in question

"Yeah I can play ok. Don't expect some sort of upbeat fast 80's song."

I laughed. Nate started playing "Call me, maybe"

"God I haven't heard that song in ages!" I start sing with different lyrics.

"Hey! I just made you, something amazing, so here's your milkshake and scoop of ice cream."

"Hey that's good! My turn"

He changes it to the classic Macquerana.

"Here's a bowl if noodles with a top of some che-eese. Ehhh we call it Macaroni. Iiiiit!"

We both laugh.

"If only I could play the piano, or any other sort of instrument. So I can actually perform something!"

"We'll I can't teach you piano, but I could teach you the guitar. I'm no teacher, but I will give it a go."

"Thanks Nate. But I don't have anytime, available. I'm always working here."

"I'm sure we can figure something out."

The moon shone brightly throughout the windows. It was getting really late. I was having so much fun, but I needed to get some sleep. I've got a big day tomorrow.

"I think I might head off. It's getting really late."

"Yeah I probably should too. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yup. See ya." I grabbed my keys and went home. I couldn't help but wonder, Nate seems more familiar than just a customer...
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