If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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2. Justine - 1

I don't think I will ever get over that One Direction have ended. It's been 6 months. And I haven't heard or seen a single thing!!

It's ridiculous! I'm 24 and I should be over them!

My teenage dream was always to be with Niall, and I haven't even met them. So that dream went down the drain.

I live in LA. Which is huge for a small town girl. As the cliché movies say "I moved to make it big in the big city." My dream is to sing, to have my own CD, my own fans, to make everyone I know proud. That's the dream.

So far I live in a crappy small apartment. But, I love my job, even if I do get minimum pay. I work as a waitress at the Melody Diner.


I sing all day long, to the customers, taking their orders and they love it. If I did a good job entertaining the customers, for a whole month, for one full day, every hour on the hour, I get to perform any song I choose. I've been trying month after month, I never seem to please the boss.

Anyway, to achieve my dream, I'm gonna need some experience. What easier way then a whole diner that dedicates to singing all the time. Until the boss can successfully say, I pleased him, I can't go forward in the music industry.

I'm not currently dating anyone. I work full time just to try and pay for the bills and rent. I practically live at the diner. I don't have any me time. But it keeps me in order from any distractions.

Maybe one day when my career is on its way up, then I can date.
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