If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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47. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn - 11

(*There is nothing really here for Neenie [teenie&niall] or Loucky [louis&vicky] sorry!*)


"LLLLOOOOUUUUIIIIOOSSSSSS!!!" Harry yelled to me when I opened the door

"HHHHARRRRRRRRRRYYYYY!!!!" I yell back and i tackle him to the ground. 

Tears overcame Harry's face when I realized just how much I missed me.

"Wow Harry! Your crying?" Niall said. He Liam, and Zayn saw us on the ground. We stood  up, he wiped the tears from his face, and hugged all the boys. 

"it's been so long" Harry sobbed.

"I missed you guys"  Liam said. 

Niall disappears from the hug and walks into a room. He comes back out with a guitar. He smiles and starts playing.

"Thought I saw a girl brought to life

Harry's head was digging into my shoulder by the time the song ended. I gave a laugh when he pulled his head away, there was a damp spot on my shirt where Harry had been letting a few tears go.

"Well boys, it's been only so many months and it feels like a lifetime. I can't bare to stay this long without you." Harry said 

"It will never happen again" I assured him


Within the hour we were back to our normal selves. I'm not letting my life go by without these guys.

"Vicky tells me you have a fiancé, Harry." I said

He looks down and smiles

"Brie..." he said.


"I'd like to know about this Jamie guy." Zayn said

I screw my face, "I'd rather stay of the subject..."

"Come on, we just want to know what we missed, that's all" Niall said.

I moaned but talked,

"Jamie was a friend of Brie's, and they dated for a while. One dashed went to go see a fried, and didn't tell Jamie. Jamie went crazy. He had a tracking device in her phone when he found her, he set her friend. Brie ran away, and never had any contact from the outside. He went to jail. When we decided to leave and go visit her family, Jamie turned up, escaping from jail. Brie kept him distracted, he didn't see me so I called the cops." 

"Wow that's intense!" Zayn said.

"Yeah! You didn't have to tell us, we would've understood!" Lou said.

Are. You. Kidding. Me. My mouth hit the floor.




I feel weird being back with boys. I haven't said much, I'm just keeping to myself, I don't want to rain on the boys parade.

"Liam hadn't been doing so well when we broke up" Zayn explains

"Whaaaat?" I zoned out

"Tell them what happened the day we first went to Scotland after the band split broke up."

"I dont want to."

"Please, it's ok" Harry comforted me

I took in a deep breath, 

"I had no meaning no purpose without one direction. I really couldn't bare it. I had Zayn. It's not complete. I was just feeling down. We went out for tea, I went to the bathroom... I looked out the window.... I sat on the ledge... I stood up... I was going to jump"

"Luckily Chloe grabbed him in, and made sure he wasn't going to. I came up to see them on the floor crying, it's how we first met Chloe" Zayn added

"She saved my life... Twice..." They all gasp, and move in closer

"I was about to give up in everything when Chloe wasn't talking to me."

"I am no doctor, but maybe you should go see someone. I don't want this happening if something goes wrong" Niall said

"Like what?" I question him. I had the boys, and Chloe's in my life, they are both set in stone, no one can take that from me.


"Like if Chloe choose Za.... Ahhh, never mind" probably best not to say much. I don't want to get involved in a complication

"What were you going to say?" Lou asked

I'm not good at lies, but I tried my best,

"If Chloe choose a xylophone and decided to join our band" great. Cover. Up.

"What the hell Niall?" Zayn looked at me like I was stupid or something


I'm not an idiot. I know what he meant. If Chloe were to choose me over Liam. Yeah I guess he's right. I think he would be depressed and maybe been go that extra mile. To stop and awkward silenced jump straight in.

"Anyway, he was half right. You should go see someone. It's in the best interest of the band."

They all nodded. 

"Maybe..." he thought

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