If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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40. Harry and Brie - 10

Dermot, Brian, Brie's dad, Mark, and I, having a normal guy chat. Then it got awkward...

"I remember when I had my first time with Joanne.." Mark sighs

"Gotta go!" I say and scurry off to the bathroom.

I walk out, and I notice everything is silent, I crept up and peered around the wall. 

A man that looked very green was at the door hugging Brie. I looked around to see the room, everyone was focusing on them too. Until Zoe looked around and saw my face. She mouthed the words 'Jamie'

I quickly hid behind the wall, emotions running wild. He's supposed to be in jail!

He got out

I quickly pulled my phone and dialed 000. I peer back around and signal Zoe that I'm calling the police. 

She sighs, which makes me breathe a little easier. I walk as far as I could from the front door, but making sure I could clearly hear voices.

"Hello this 000, what is your emergency? Fire Brigade, Ambulance or Police?"


He's here. In my home. Looking for me. The first idea popped into my head. I hugged Jamie. He hugged me back, holding me tight. When he pulled away, he had tears in his eyes. So I fake cried

"Oh Jamie! I've missed you!"

"You came back. For me?"

"For you of course! And my family! But you're here now!"

"you haven't visited"

"That's because I only got back a couple of hours ago. I was going to see you tomorrow I promise!"

"I knew you would have! I knew deep down you were loyal to me!" we hugged again, this time for longer. "Someone said you were with a guy". 

Jamie immediately looks at Brian, and walks up to him. Brian didn't know where to look, he was afraid.

I run in front of him, making sure that Jamie didn't lay a finger on him. 

"No, no! They were lies! This is my sister's fiancé" and I pointed to Zoe.

"Nice to see you again, Zoe" Jamie smirked, and took Zoe's hand goes to kiss it. She pulls away, after he kissed it and she muttered something under her breath.

"What did you just say?!?!?" Jamie was right into Zoe's face. 

"HEY! Back off man!" Brian says giving Jamie a push.

Shits about to go down. 

Jamie pushes Brian to the ground, straddles him and goes in for punches. As he did, blood was flinging everywhere, Zoe and I were trying to stop Jamie. My dad comes over,

"Jamie off of him!" he yells

"Oh! You wanna piece of this?" and gestures for him to come closer. My dad has grown weaker, he couldn't handle this. 

Zoe dragged away Brian, tears filled her eyes as she looks down on broken Brian. Mum was holding onto Dermot. Making sure he wasn't  in any part of it.

I stand in between dad and Jamie breaking it off before it started. I hugged Jamie to the sofa. Tears flooded down my face, real ones. 

"Jamie! Look what you did! You have scared the whole family and you have been here less than 5 minutes! I love you, but if you don't treat my family with respect... It hurts me to say, well it's goodbye for us... Jabrie (*Jayyy-Breee*)."

"But Brie! You know I'm short tempered! One thing, and it will set me off. It's not my fault, you know that"

"I know but..." I give him a big hug. "If something like this happens again, don't expect me to forgive you this easily"

"I promise I'll try"

Wow he has really fallen into this! My acting skills must be top notch.

I look through the lounge, there is tears, blood and people more afraid than anything I have ever seen. I have put them through hell tonight.

I can hear sirens and lights from a distance. Police. I look around and realize Harry is not there. Thank god. He must have called the police. I don't know how much longer I could have put on this act.

Jamie grabs my hand, and starts running, tagging me along. I'm trying to stand my ground.

"Brie! What are you doing? We've got to run if we want to make it out of here!"


"No Jamie she doesn't have to do a thing you say." I come out, everyone's heads is turned to me. 

I walk up to Jamie, he is much shorter than I. Jamie went for a runner. I grabbed his wrist, and tried to keep my feet nailed to the ground. Jamie wasn't very strong so my grip was locked, he wasn't going anywhere. 


"Come on son, you will be locked away for a long time after this incident" the cop says

"Brie! I thought you loved me!" Jamie yells

"How could I ever love you? You make me afraid! You stalked me, threw a punch at my sisters fiancé. And was going to at my dad. But when you put me in that situation, I had to lie my heart through it. Goodbye Jamie!" Brie yell out to him.

As he drove away, he watched me cuddle and comfort Brie at the front door. 

That's right! Watch what you can never have.  

(*There is to be a second half to this chapter! Xx :)*)

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