If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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11. Hamish - 3

I miss the boys. I miss singing with them.

So yeah, I am Harry, of One Direction. But we split. The only thing that may make me a little happy is when I can get to Africa.

I'm on the plane, reading the character I know have to be. I'm now known as Hamish Greyson, I need to trim down my curls, wear singlets and short shorts, get a good tan and try and talk at the speed of a normal person.

I can do this. I can DOO this. I can totally... No. I can't.

Tears pour down my face as I lie back, look at a picture of us boys, and my family. I cry myself to sleep.

It's ok things will get better when I get Africa.

I get off the plane and look around for someone. I don't know who, maybe someone holding a sign with my name... There! I see it. Hamish Greyson. Along side a couple of other names, James Blake, Stephanie Day. Glad I'm not the only one taking on theses kids.

We arrived at Charity school. Greeted by local African children and some other volunteers. Cheering for our arrival.

As everything settled down, all the Volunteers and some of local leaders. Sit and discuss our jobs here now. One of the locals elders came in. Pointed to us newbies, and spoke. It was African, so I didn't catch any of it.

"He said he wants you to be finding food" points to James

"You to be in charge of the medicine that gets delivered" points to Stephanie

"and you. The manager of our Charity school" points to me.

I was in shock, manager?! Can't I do something easier like the others.

The elder said more things than left.

"Ok. I will show you around the place an lead you to your beds. You won't be working for a couple of days until you get used to the time difference. By the way my names Brie"
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