If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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30. Chloe, Zac and Luke - 7

I couldn't get much sleep last night. Neither could Vicky. Work tomorrow, *facepalm*


Louis came and crashed at ours for the night. Chloe wasn't home, and Lou wouldn't tell us what was wrong. But I'm guessing a fight with Victoria and she turned to Chloe for support. Liam and I don't touch base on this subject. We don't want to make a big thing out of it. 

You know what? It's the first time where we have been alone with one of the boys. And we haven't said anything.... Now that I think about it, I have always referred Liam to Luke, it's only since Lou has been here that I call him Liam. And since Lou is here I have been calling them their actual names, and it feels right. No lies. Lou has been heaps more quiet, and I haven't seen his signature charm come out, not once. He's probably overwhelmed by it. By us. I am too. I keep over thinking this too much, not good.


I awoke and there was no sign of Louis. He's gone. Well hopefully Chloe might tell us what's going on. 

When we get there we see Chloe, Victoria and Geronimo talking. I wave and chuck in a smile their way, they just look at us, and look away.

The girls disappear without saying a word to us. Weird. Geronimo comes up to us.

"You boys aren't needed for today. We are just Interviewing the two girls." He sounds like he had just heard bad news.

"ok. But what were Vicky and Chloe talking to you about? They didn't seem happy." Liam asks

"Ahh just girly stuff. Probably got a lot of work to do" He smiles, shakes our hand and presses the elevator button for us. 

As we walk back down to catch a cab, Liam is dialing, and got the phone to his ear.


"Yeah. Uhh you are going to tell us what's happening? Because now Chloe's not talking to us." I say. I have a feeling Leon is connected to this somehow, either way he's going to tell us.

"Not surprised. I am sorry for not telling you this ealier, its very relevant and i was too quiet last night. I'm at work but I'm not busy but I can't leave. I will call you in five?"

"Alright" I put my phone down. See Zac and briefly put out,

"He's going to call back soon and explain some things" 


We are home just in time, Leon calls.
I pick it up, and put it on the counter. Zac and I come in close to listen in.

"They know ..... They know, I'm Louis, and you two are Zayn and Liam. Vicky figured it out, god knows how. And she must have told Chloe. I'm sorry boys. Vicky and I are split, since last night. It's why I stayed over." 

We look at each other stunned, gobsmacked, completely flabbergasted. 

I leave the room. 

I head to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. I'm trying to find Liam. But all I'm seeing is Luke. I'm building a life on someone I'm not. And it's effecting the one I most truly love. 

The last time I saw Chloe, before today... Was on our date. Which, by the way, she ditched. And now I know why she never cam back.


It just HAD to be when we were all together. This week was supposed to be the best week of our lives, and it's turned out a complete disaster. We brought this up. One Direction and everyone involved said we needed to go under cover. Protect our identities. We failed to succeed. It's certainly not how I planned this week.
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