If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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26. Chloe, Zac and Luke - 6

Sitting in the limo with Luke and Zac on each side. I'm staring at one of the models, what the hell! She is so freaking familiar. Like... Schoo....


"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Vicky screams along. 

"ok what the hell is going on?!" Luke says, as he tries to calm us down. 

I laugh and say, "Isn't it clear, re-uniting with your old besties?" 

Zac and Luke look at each other. And go silent. 



"OMG! What are you doing tonight?"

"NOTHING!!!! I HAVE NOTH..... I have plans... But it's ok, you guys can crash it, Leon and I are just having a roast and beer around a bonfire on the beach." 

I look to the boys, their just sitting quietly not really taking anything in.


Luke and I exchange looks. Could it be? Louis? Leon was his new profile name, wasn't it?He is a model now, so it could be! I give a half smile to Luke, and look away. We can't make it obvious.

"So do you guys want to join?" Victoria turns to us. 

"Well, I'm a bit tired and I could probably use some sleep..." I said

"Nope! Your coming! Both of you!" Chloe raised her eyebrow until we nodded in agreement

Victoria was already on the phone Organizing. 

"So we I'll just take my limo after work and go straight to the beach" Victoria announced.


A happy man, nicely suited greeted us in the meeting room, I'm guessing it was Geronimo Lake. 

We all shook his hand and took our seats,

"I don't want to keep you waiting long, there is a lot to do, though your only having a weeks stay. My assistant is now your personal assistant for along as you are here." He points to a girl with brown curly hair. "Her name is Carly and she will be there for you 24/7. I will see you in five days where we will look and debate at the outcome and see how it will look like on the front page of Dolly." He picks up his jacket and coffee and leaves with one assistant. 

Victoria turns to us, with a lady in a pantsuit. 

"Hi, I'm Linda. We need to start Organising on what clothing will be used, and see if they fit, and alter if needed. I'm assuming you boys helping us mix and match clothing together." Linda spoke

"No, No. I'm more of a business kind of guy" Luke said

"I'm the one that helps with the clothes." I say

"Ok, Carly, why don't show Luke around, maybe even see if Mr. Lake can get him busy." Carly awkwardly grabs Luke's arm and leaves the room. "As for you, Zac. You can come with us and help us style the model, Victoria."


We enter a big studio, makeup on the left, wardrobe on the right, and the set in the middle. Victoria, Chloe and I walk to wardrobe.

Victoria goes into a dressing room, Chloe and were deciding on the clothes she should wear. 

We go all out, and only used our best most outrageous outfits. 

We decided Victoria would wear, a print singlet, high waist jacket-hoodie, black skinny jeans ruffled material one side, normal jean the other side. For the shoes, pink ankle boots with red hearts.

For her hair, she will be wearing a wig, similar colour to hers, but the wig is in a bob, long at the front short at the back. Also she will wear a multi coloured bow headband. Her makeup will be very pale faced, with bright eye shadow, and a roaring hot pink lipstick 


What a life Geronimo lives! I am his assistant for the week, Carly went to help Zac and Chloe, and his other assistant is helping me. First, we made emails saying that the readers stories/drawings are going to published in the next Dolly. Then I helped the accountant, and I've just attended meetings with designers/photographers/writers/readers/doctors. 

I check my watch 


Gee! I missed lunch, but I'm so tired and exhausted, and soon we are going to the beach. I go to check on Zac and Chloe. 

I see them together, giggling and smiling at each other...

And she went on date with Zac...
I went to turn around and find something else to do.

"Hey Luke!" Ahh crap, Chloe's calling. I swing myself around, put on a big smile and walk towards them.

They had Vicky on a pedestal, pining a taking in some of the clothes. 

"Hi guys" I said

"Hey we are almost finished here, so will head off soon.


Walking towards the beach, I see a glow from a distance, and an amazing smell, mmmm dinner, that definitely makes me realize how hungry I really am. 

We are getting closer to the bonfire and I see a figure, recognizable. I nudge Zac on the arm. He looks to me and we know, we need to keep calm and quiet about this because, 

It is definitely Louis   
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