If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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46. Chloe, Justine, Brie and Victoria - 11

The girls and i are gathered in the botanical gardens, having lunch. I could see a bright shiny thing. It's right in my eye. And its on Brie's hand

"Gosh Brie! What is shining on your hand!"

"What Chloe?" Brie looks at her hand, and realizes it was her ring.

"BRIE!!!!" we all yelled to Brie

"Yes, yes it's true! Harry proposed to me!"



"How!?" We all questioned Brie.

"A couple of days ago, but it's a long story, if you have time" 

"What sort of question is that?!" I look at her intensely as we all moved forward to hear her better.

"Well. The first time he presented the ring-"

"THE FIRST TIME!?!?!?!?!" I interrupted. The all looked at me,

"Shut up Chloe!" Vicky said

"As I was saying; He presented the ring after a big celebration, a get together, he organized, when I was Africa. He dropped the ring in the water hole... The second time, he presented the ring, he organized a dinner for me and my family. He slipped the ring in a slice of lasagna. Zoe got the ring and thought Brian was proposing to her. Brian explained but did have a ring with him, which then he decided to propose. The third time, I was on the phone to Chloe and Vicky. He rummaged through his draw to find something, I then ended the call, and started helping him look for whatever he was looking for. He was on one knee, before I noticed I was rambling on about how he should watch where he puts things. He calls my name, I turned to him, and there he was."

We all had stunned looks on our faces.


"Did that really happen?! After all the effort he puts into his last attempts, he just pulled it out and gave it to you?" I asked. 

If Niall just sprung up on me like that... I'd slap him... That's not romantic at all!

"Yeah! Just like that. It was an amazing feeling..." Brie paused looking out into the distance with a smile. Well she is happy.

"So Vicky! A model! And you always said, you were never going to be a stuck up anorexic bitch..." I murmured

"Well when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade" She laughed.

"Working in Dolly must be amazing! How is it going?" Brie asked

"It's actually really good, and fun with Chloe on board. But..." Vicky drops off. "Geronimo is sick, he postponed meetings because he is just that bad. He never lets anything stop him from work. So this is huge!"

"It must be why he let us have another week here..." Chloe let her thoughts out.

"I'm a little worried for him, I hope he is ok" Vicky sounding sad.


"Now how is your career with SonyMusic going?" I asked Justine.

"Great! I mean, I'm back here, aren't I?" She said

"Let me check!" I poke her in the shoulder, "Yup! She's here!" 

We all laughed before I spoke again,

"Hey, why did you leave Australia so quickly. You ran and never looked back"

 I had my reasons for running to Africa, they were quite the obvious, but I don't understand teenie's situation.

"My parents never thought I never had a good enough will to become a singer, a pro singer." Justine said

"That must have shut them up!" Vicky added

"I ran, and I ran into Niall."


"Which brings us to Chloe" I said as we all stare intently at her.

"There's nothing to tell." she replied. 

"Nothing?!" I scoffed. Its been a week, and I saw another side to her, I thought would never had existed.

"Right! If you must know. Liam and Zayn like me, the end." she was being stubborn

"It's love, bitch" I said to her.

"Don't call me that!"

"Sorry! But they love you"

"I love them too, but not IN LOVE. They can do what they please, I'm going with the flow, it's really getting them to prove that they mean more than friends"

I sighed, and quickly summed up what I could, "Liam asked her on a date, with her favourite flowers, in a suit waiting outside her doorstep" I explained to Brie and teenie

"but..." she tried to come up with words and nothing

"Zayn took her on a date that was supposed to be Liam's, even though Zayn said that Liam asked her out originally, he was considering asking Chloe out"

"hold up!" Justine was trying to keep up "how does that work?"

"Just keep to what I told you. Anyway, they both love her, and they admitted it."

"And you think they need to prove their love for you?" Brie said as we all looked to Chloe.

"It's complicated.." Chloe sighed


"Here you go" Justine said, passing around tickets of some sort

"What is this?" I scanned through it

"Tickets to my show later this week." She said. "Backstage passes, VIP pass, after party invitations... Your all set!"

"No way Justine!!!! This is amazing! Your going to be incredible on the stage" Brie said.

The day with the girls brought back to times like these back in high school. Minus our careers. Minus school. Minus 1D.

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