If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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33. Chloe and Vicky - 8

This is the first day where I haven't talked to Luke and Za.... Liam and Zayn. And I hate it! I can't bear a day without seeing their faces. Being away from them for one day, I miss them!

I'm not used to not seeing, Liam's gorgeous smile and Zayn's beautiful eyes...

"WHAT?!" Vicky flung pillows to the other side of the room.

"Crap! Did I just say that out loud?"

"Yeah you did! What happened?! Aren't you upset? Are you over the fact that your two lover boys lied to you?!"

"Is it not ok that I miss them?! Of course I'm upset and I'm definitely not over it!"

"Then what happened?! You are supposed to be on my side?!"

"I AM! I am. But, I'm sure they have an explanation. We just didn't give the time of day."

"Screw it. This conversation is over. We have work. And I requested the Zayn and Liam to not be here today"

"Don't be mad at me. I'm sorry! I just want to believe that they didn't do this in purpose. They're innocent, until pleaded guilty"

"So do I. But I thought that Louis was my love. We started going out the day we met. And he could have at least told me."

"I understand. And I'm going to get an explanation. And I'm going to get it today." Well you know, after work.


I don't agree with whatever Chloe is planning to do. I just hope that because she doesn't have an impact on Louis asking for forgiveness from me, he can Forget. It.


"Girls! You're here! Today we will be working on the interview side of things." Linda and Carly meet us at the door

A smile appears on face. Ok, right now I just want to forget it all and move on to work. I'm pretty excited for me... for us.

Linda takes us into a small room. A familiar lady, who looked intimidating in her business uniform and setting of her desk, had a friendly smile as we enter the room.

"Chloe, Victoria. Take a seat. We will start. My name is Sarah, I'm sure you have seen me round the office. I am just one of many workers here. Anyway, will we get started?"

I look at her in agreement.

Sarah turns on the recorder.

"Victoria. Your a model. You have a stunning body. How do you maintain such a look that all girls strive for?"

"Easy! I do nothing. I have high metabolism which makes eating a breeze."

"Ok. Wow! Everyone has something they wish they could change, whats yours?"

"I wish could put on weight, get some curves, maybe even shorten up a little bit."

"Tables are turned! What do you think reader will say?"

"I think readers will think; but she is so stunning and skinny, why would she want to put on weight, and get shorter. Its weird, because I don't think of me like that at all. I still look up to people and think, she is flawless."

"What are your flaws?"

"She can get mad real quick." Chloe adds. She turns to me and giggles.

"yeah. I guess that's one of them. But I don't pay so much attention to me and pick up on faults, I don't have time"

"By this your talking about Victorias Secret Fashion Show? Tell us about it."

"It's in it's early stages at this point of time. They are theming and designing, expect an extravaganza!"

"Nevertheless. One of your last shoots, that was very unique. Is that one of the themes?"

"I'm not allowed to tell but I think theres something fishy going on, of you know what I mean." I give a wink to Sarah.

"And with the shoot you were lucky enough to be working with you boyfriend, Leon."

Damn. I couldn't escape it this time. I reach over to the recorder and turn it off.

"Do you mind if we not discuss Leon today?" Sarah gives me a nod and I turn the recorder back on.

"So this big grand opening to Be Your Self, has re-united you with your high school bestie."

Chloe and I smile at each other.

"Its been great to catch up. I'm so proud of her." Chloe smiles

"As am I. Her work is inspiring" I add

"Chloe. Your work is vital to Be Your Self. What is your inspiration?"

"The importance of individuality means so much to me. I don't want us all to be looking like a particular person just because we think its right. My inspiration was probably my group of high school friends. We were so unique and different. If you picked 2 people that you thought could have similar personalities, you would be dead wrong. But we all managed to get along without any major dramas. I felt loved and accepted for being who I am."

"Inspiring, truly inspiring. What helps you maintain your ground, to not make your styles looking too similar."

I see Chloe put her head down and then brings it up with a smile.

"My two Co-Workers, Luke and Zac. They reminded me of high school, because their looks and personalities were so different from each other, you would never guess that us 3 would ever be friends. It's what's different that makes us special."

"And what do you think of Vicky's role as a model? Always being told what to do, and what to wear?"

"She's just doing her job, and owning it."

"Thank you girls. That's all I need for now. We will see how it looks when it all comes together"

Chloe really opened my eyes, she was lugging all of that with her, and she is still willing to forgive them, that takes heart and courage. I might consider forgiving Louis, he needs to convince me.


Today actually really helped me, and Vicky too. I want to know how it got to this point between us.

"I think I'm ready for an explanation" I text, Liam and Zayn
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