If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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9. Chloe - 2

Thank the heavens for my day off. It was public holiday. Which meant I finally got to close the shop. Just a day out with my two friends, Zac and Luke.

It's winter in Scotland. And no exaggeration, the snowfall is absolutely incredible! I remember coming her 8 years ago. But that was then, this is now. Just flabbergasted.

Today I think we will completely steep away from the work stuff; looking at fabric and designing new stuff. Nope! Today is for fun. I don't know Scotland as well as should. So Zac and Luke have ideas for us.

Zac and Luke are both from England, you can tell. By their gorgeous accents, they've known each other for a while now, their best mates. Their NOT gay. They are as straight as anything. They both work for me, help run my shop. Zac takes care of the clothes part, and Luke helps me with the business part. They have their own unique styles, Zac is really thug like. If you didn't know him well, you would think he's apart of something bad. Whether Luke likes to dress us a bit. He loves suits, ties and always carries a brief case. But from their looks their personalities swap. Luke is the fun one with a wild imagination and Zac takes life a lot more serious.


Luke planed us to go snow tobogganing the whole day, but Zac just thought we could go out and get some nice coffee, but I needed to have some fun. With Zac has his doubts about it. We all went down together, and put Zac in the front. He was freaking out as we went down.

And he had every reason to. The toboggan couldn't handle all of us. So we went a tumbling down the hill. Luke and I just laughed and laughed. Where as Zac, it was almost like he was going to cry. This definitely didn't loosen him up.

I took Zac on top if the hill with me, to try it again with less people. He came up. But he resisting to go down. We made it to the top, I could see Luke faintly, I think he was videoing this. I made Zac go in front again.

"But you better freaking hold on to me coz I'm not having fun yet. If I fall again, I'm never doing this again. You better freakin promise you won't let go alright?!" He was hating every minute if this.

"Yes ok!" I pushed us very gently down the hill. And he started screaming at the top of his lungs, that made everyone look at us. I screamed in happiness and laughed. We picked up more speed. And I totally wish I could see Zac's face now. He was still screaming but I think the cool wind got to his face. We finally started slowing down. And made a slow stop on flat ground. Zac was still screaming and Luke was still videoing.

"Now see kids, even a grown man has fears. But he still tried it" Luke was telling the huddle group of kids around the toboggan. I smiled and was laughing at Luke.

"Wait. That was it?." Zac's expression suddenly changed.

"Yup that's pretty much it" I said

"That was nothing. I screamed. In terror. For that?"

"It wasn't that bad, eh?"

"No... IT WAS AMAZING!! LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!" Zac grabbed the toboggan and Luke.

"We'll alrighty then" I said as I grabbed the camera.

Zac was actually letting go, and having some fun. He was racing up that hill, while dragging Luke behind.

I could see them at the top of the hill and gave them a wave. They both waved back. I put the camera on record. You could here them, woohoo-ing and yahoo-ing all the way down. Zac thought he'd be smart and started swerving the way down. He swerved to the left a bit too hard. And they went flying of the toboggan and gave a belly slap to the bottom of the hill. Camera still in hand. I rush over there. They both got up and laughed. It was genuinely the first time I've seen Zac laugh. It was a cooky laugh, one that you laughed at because it was so funny.

The rest of the day was pretty much as we did before. It was getting to sun down and we decided to go to the pub. I was going to drive them home, so I just sipped on a beer while they were having shots.

We were the only ones there apart from the bartender. It was good, because they were very loud. I've never seen them so loosened up before. They obviously had way too much. They are funny drunks. Zac was the kind of drunk that would get naked and sleep with the next thing they saw, person or object. Luke was the type of drunk that was very needy and could fall in love with first person he touched. So these two boys were ranting on and on and so I decide to video their night. So when they're all sobered up, they can watch their night. I got the bartender to help me put them in the car. The bar tender gave them more drinks to take on the way so they weren't as hard to carry out, as if they were sleeping. I drove quickly to their houses. I got Zac out of the car first and he started stripping on the driveway.

"I'm too shexy fo my shurt, too exy for mi shits, so seshy it hurrrs..." He starts singing. Oh god, I hope no one looks outside the window.

"It will definitely hurrrs tomorrow" I laughed.

I end up dragging him inside by the hands. With his shirt ripped open and his pants round his ankles. This does not look like a pretty sight from anyone else's perspective. I chuck Zac in his bed, take off his pants and pull the covers over him.

I got back in the car,

"Where di you go? I mished ou" he says with drunk puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah, I missed you too. I put Zac to bed."

"Why wazz he half naykerd? Were yoo gonna get kinggkeyyy"

"No Luke"

"Good coz I luv ooo. I need you."

"Yeah I love you too."

We pulled up to his drive way. He was not to bad at walking. A little unstable, but upright. I open the door. And puts his arms round me. I take him to his bedroom.

"Are you ok, getting changed and hopping to bed"

"Fyynee. Jus dont leeeve"

"Ok" I walk out of the room, and smash. I slam open the door.

"I'm otay, I jus fell ovah"

I walk round to the side if the bed. His pants were still on, but he had trouble getting his top off.

"No your not, Im helping you"

I helped him with his shirt. And I couldn't help notice, he had tattoos. Not just any tattoos, ones I recognized...
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