If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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36. Brie and Harry - 9

"Morning" I sat on Harry's bed and awoke him

"How did you sleep?" I asked

"Ok. And you?"


"Listen Brie, I'm sorry about last night"

"Hamish, there's no need for an apology."

"Ok good, because there was something I need to show you" He sat up, and grabbed something from under his pillow. He gave it to me

"Oh Hamish!" what I had in my hands, was a round ticket a round flight tickets. I gave him a big hug. "You didn't have to!"

"I meant what I said last night. Travel, and see our families"

"But I can't just drop everything and leave."

"Brie, we will come back"

"I can't just leave these kids"

"You won't. I have already sorted it out. A couple from Mexico are taking our places"

"I'm not so sure..."

"Come on! We will go see your family!"

"Hamish, you know I can't go back there...." he gives me hug

"I will protect you"


"Mummy!!!" I yelled as I came running to her

"Brieeee!!" mum yelled back

"Zoe!" I yell to my older sister

"Brie!" she yelled back

"Deermy!!!" I yell to my younger brother

"Yeah, no." he turns away, but I give him a hug anyway.

"Where's dad?" I ask

"Looking after the pub with Hamish" Zoe answered

"Hamish as in Hamish hjfdkffhj?"

"Yeah that's him" Dermot says

"I must have missed a lot!"

Brie's happy, we got to see her family. On the ride home, Zoe and Dermot and Joanne, their mother, filled us in on what has happened.

Jamie is in jail, thank god! The pub expanded. Zoe and her boyfriend, Brian are going to take over the pub when their parents retire. Dermot is uni, earning a IV Certificate in Mechanics.

Tonight is when I plan to propose to Brie, in front of her whole family. I will tell her about Harry first, then at dinner, my feast, she will have a bit of lasagna and in it she will find the ring. Perfect.


I just finished up on the feast, just the lasagna needs to bake. So Brie and I setting the table, our first moment alone since we got here.

It's time.

"Your family is really funny."

"Funny? Crazy maybe"

"Not like mine."

"Hey, I've wanted to ask you about your family, it's one thing we haven't discussed."

"Brie, there's something I need to tell you about them, about me."

"I'm intrigued. Do go on." Brie sat at the table, and I joined her. I held her hands in mine.

"Brie, my name is in actual fact Ha-"

"Hey! Hamish, a buzzer went off at the oven, I think your lasagna is ready." Dermot walks into the dining room. Damn, so close.

"Gather the family, dinners ready" I told Dermot.

I get the lasagna out of the oven and slip in the ring. She will see the engraving and ask about it, that's when I will tell her.

"Dinner is served!"

"Hamish, go sit down, I will serve the food." before I could say anything, Joanne was pushing me to my seat.

The lasagna got plated out before I realized I need to plate up, so I could give Brie the plate with the ring in the lasagna.

I just hope, by chance Brie ends up with her plate.


We all sat together eating, Brie, or anyone hadn't found the ring yet, oh crap spoke to soon.

"What is this.... OMG BRIAN!!! YES I WILL MARRY YOU!!!"

Everyone claps and cheers as Zoe put the ring on. Brian, sat there, in shock, but going along with it. Oh crap. I swear my face is going to fall straight into the food.

"Hmmm... It's a bit small, but I'm sure we can fix that"

Joanne insisted on doing the dishes, so I got Brie alone.

"Yeah, you know that ring that was in Zoe's piece of lasagna, that was yours..."

"I know, i recognized it, I just wanted see Brian's face. Oh god that was hilarious. I was just going to tell her."

"Ok good! I didn't want to be the one to break it to her."

As Brie went to find Zoe, a couple minutes later, Brian came to me

"That ring.... It was meant for Brie, right?"

"Yes. I'm really sorry about that, but Joanne wanted to plate up."

"No it's ok, I know how she is. I'm just not sure how Zo is going to take it."

"Yeah. So, say if that wasn't mine, or anyone's, just a random ring fell into the lasagna, what would you have done?"

"Well I was actually thinking of proposing to Zoe, soon. I was kind of hoping the ring was in there deliberately, to push our relationship along. But, I guess I would have let it be." Brian pulls out a ring. "I'm not sure when to give it to her"

"Well why don't gather the family, after Zoe knows my ring isn't hers. Explain the situation, and propose?"

"That's, a really cool idea man, thanks"


Zoe showed off her actual ring, the one Brian gave to her.

"See, I thought Brain would know my size ring" Zoe told everyone.

Brie comes up to me. Holding up my ring in between our faces.

"Keep it, for now." She says, and hands me the ring. "Next time."

I'm happy. I mean, I didn't get my proposal, but 2 proposals is enough I think, seeing as the first one was a mixup.

Joanne pulled me aside,

"So what I was thinking for your proposal is-"

"Sorry Joanne. I think I'm gonna leave it for a while."


*knock* *knock*

I went to go see who would be here, it was wet and raining. I open the door, there's a guy standing, back faced to me. He turns around, I look at his feet and work my way up. He's wearing black Dunlop's, with green trackies and a green t-shirt. I flinch to his face.


"Hello Brie" He says

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