If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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32. Brie and Harry - 8

It's such a hot day, I just want to jump into the water hole and just let loose. Unfortunately the waterhole is a bit of a walk and you would get fried. And I named the day high risk day, to keep people from the sun to stop the risk of strokes and dehydration.

I want to see Hamish, I really do. Any other day I would go see him, but I'm so hot and bothered I'm vowing to stay on my bed and moan and complain. It's probably a good thing too, I don't want him to see my like this. But I will go and see him after dark.

It's probably about 2 in the afternoon, a small hand appears from under the tent. The hand brought through a book and letter. The hand left as it made the delivery.

I open the note.

"Hey Brie,
I figure this wether would be too much for you, so I got you this book..."

I look at the book, 'The Notebook'

"Yeah and also come to the waterhole, ok?"

Aww. Isn't he just the sweetest?


A girl came back yelling out "it's done! It's done!"

So my surprise,

Brie sees a flickering bonfire in the distance, as she comes closer she will hear chanting and singing. As she arrives she will be greeted with two lines beside her. With traditional songs and spiritual dances. She will make her way to me, at the end of the line. We will sit, and watch our friends re-in-act a story that was carried from generations in traditional and original form. After they will leave in and extraordinary finale, they leave me and Brie to ourselves. Where I will ask her....


"Brie, I love you. Come live with me, away from Africa and start a life of our own"

"I don't know what to say, or to think?"

"Don't think, just do."

I pick up a guitar from behind the tree. I sat down and started singing, a personal song I wrote, or her. She smiled and started humming along. I got down on one knee, took her left hand,

"We will go away, travel, see our families, start a family, get married! Brie," I pull out a diamond ring with white gold straddling the silver band. "With this, promise me we will always be together and you will always love me... Brie Elizabeth Chapman, will you m...."

*Splash* I lost balance and fell into the waterhole

I flick my head getting the hair out of my face, and look in my hands...


"Oh my god! Hamish! Are you ok?!" Brie helps me up.

I sat my self on the ledge. Hands in my face, sulking.


Omg! He proposed!! And the ring! Was beautiful but, he dropped it when he splashed in.

I see a sparkle coming out from the water,

"THE RING!" I yelled and jumped in to get it. I gave it to Hamish and said,

"it's ok! I've got it" and shoved it in his hands. He squeezed it tight and opened it up and took a good look at it


I got the inside of the ring engraved "With love from Harry Styles"

I then again squeezed it tight. Tears still poured down my face as I haven't yet told Brie who I am I guess that was the main reason I am still crying. I just have a lot of feelings ok? I want to give her the ring, but not until I've told her, kept secrets exposed can't be exposed at the wrong time.

Tonight was going to be the night I was to tell her. She would find the engraving and see the name, she would questioned it. I would then explain. And so this whole day of celebrating would live on. But I can't give her the ring.

I hold Brie in my arms and whisper

"When the moment is right" I whimpered as she tried to calm me down.
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