If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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41. Brie and Harry - 10

My phone buzzed. After this Jamie thing, it's 11 at night. Zoe and Brian are at the hospital. Dermot, mum and dad have all gone to bed. It's just Harry and I getting ready for bed.


"Hello, Im looking for Brie Chapman. Is she available?" a kind woman voice asked me.

"Your speaking to her right now"

"Good! That means I can do this..."


"AHHHHH MYYYY FREEEAKIIING GAAAWWWWDDD! Brie it's Chloe! Mason! And Vicky.  From High School!"

"NOOOOOO WAYYYYY!!!!!" I scream with excitement. I'm so happy, I look to harry who is lying on the bed beside me quietly reading. He looks up to me screaming and gives a laugh and then goes back to is book.

"Ok, fan girl over. Where are you at? Vicky and I were trying to get through to you in Africa, but they said you had left, and instead gave us your mobile."

"I'm actually back home, seeing family."

"BRIEE!!! WE ARE IN MELBOURNE!!! WE HAVE TO CATCH UP!!! But anyway, oh how are they?"

"Its been so long, i have to see you guys! And the family is great but... You may know a guy I might have mentioned, Jamie? From uni?"

"Yeah, he was really sweet on you, I remember."

"Well, turns out he was a stalker, so they sent him to jail. When I came back from Africa he got out and wanted me to run away with him. This just happened a couple of hours ago"

"Oh my! So much has happended! I hope everything is ok."

"There was a bit of blood and bruises, but the police came just in time. I'm glad he's locked away for a very long time."

"Well that's great. I'm happy for you... Say you wouldn't happen to know this guy called Hamish Greyson?" 

"Yeah, he's here with me. We both left Africa together."

"So are you friends? Or are you together, together."

"We are together" I stroke my hand up and down Harry's arm, and smile to him.

"There's some we have to tell you about Hamish." Harry got up and left the room

"Ok, should i be worried?"

"it depends... You know Hamish is from One Direction"

"Hamish is Harry, from One Directon. Yes I figured it out. You spend so much time with someone you start picking up things they needn't mention..."


I just got up to go to the toilet, I come back and I couldn't help but overhear on Brie's conversation.

 "Hamish is Harry, from One Directon. Yes I figured it out. You spend so much time with someone you start picking up things they needn't mention..."

She knows. Brie knows! Brie knows I'm from One Direction! The heartache is over! I was so worried she was going to be crushed with the news, because we grew so strong. But Brie knows! 

I really didn't give much time or though to this, I barged straight in, Brie a little frightened when I came in. I marched over to my the draw on my bedside table, and searched for my wallet, containing the ring.

Where is it!? I can't seem to find it. I start moving the draw loudly, frantically looking for the ring.

"I think I've got to call you back" I turn to Brie who is curious as to what I'm looking for. "What are you looking for?"

"My wallet! I can't find it!" I said frustratingly

"Calm down! It's not like your making a quick night shop. Just leave it be for the morning." I give her a sort of an evil eye, then dive back into the draw

"Brie! This needs to be found now!" 

"Ok, I will help you! Gee Hamish, settle, it's not the end of the world. I mean, you would keep it...." Brie was rambling on.

I look to my jeans beside the draw, I could see my wallet hanging out the back pocket. I reached it, opened it up and grabbed the ring. I stood up, towering over Brie.

"....You  could be smart and leave it on the" 

"Brie, hey Brie!" I try and talk over the top of her

"Brie!!!" I nudged her and she turned around, she was still rambling. I lay my finger over mouth,

"Shut up for a sec, alright?"

"O.." she tried to speak with my finger on her lips. 

I grabbed her left hand, bent down on one knee, held the ring out and said,

"Brie, Elizabeth Chapman, will you do me the honour of" Brie leaped into my arms, yelling 'Yes!' she pulled away so I could put the ring on her.

"You are my world baby" I said and kiss her.


I went to go see Brian. I told him about my proposal and he congratulated me. I took Zoe and him back to Brie's house, and we announced our news together.

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