If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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28. Brie and Hamish - 7

Brie and I had gone to bed, and we just lay there. It was an especially hot night tonight, it was too hot to do anything except lay there. 

"Brie? Are you still awake?" I whisper.

"Yeah I am. It's too damn hot for sleeping, or to do anything." she replies

"Do you want to talk?"

"I guess, but there's not much to tell, we spend almost all of our time together."

"Well we could use this time to get to know each other better."

"Sure. But I don't have much to tell."

"What made you come to volunteering in Africa?" 

"Jump right into then! And I already told you, I've always wanted to." Brie said. She was very touchy with this subject. My instincts told me to back down, as anyone would do. But I'm not taking that for an answer. I would have accepted if she wasn't so stern about it.

"Hey! No need to be touchy!" 

"I don't mean to be. It's something that  doesn't need to be brought up, because you know the answer."

"No, I don't really."

"Well what made you come here?"

"If it gets you to open up to me, I will share my story"


I sat up,

"It's quite simple really. I had already reached my highest point of my career, and so i quit, I have all this cash, but nothing for it. I did visit family, apart from that, nothing. Until charity came to mind. I had come to a place like this, years back, and it made me happy. Money couldn't bring me happiness, but it brought others to a good well lived life. That's why I'm here. Your turn.


I really wasn't up to tears. Harry had pretty much spoken the truth except for the One Direction part. It makes me wonder when he will tell me. 

I already started the waterworks before I even said anything. Harry gives my hand a kiss and lays it back down.

"Ok. Well it was about 4 years ago. I had a a Bachelors degree in singer-Songwriting and a Major for theater performance. I was living in Melbourne, Australia. I met a guy in uni, Jamie. He seemed really nice and funny. It wasn't long before we dated, and soon everyday we hung out. 2 years we were together, I really thought he would be the one I would start a life with. Jamie had met my family, and they all loved him. One day I didn't hang out with him, and instead caught up with a friend and forgot to tell him. Jamie was immediately threatened. And he went to look for me, he didn't know that my friend was a girl. He found me, turns out, he had a tracking device in my phone. Jamie smashed the door open, and shot my friend in the leg, before he realized it was a girl, not a guy. He had no regrets, I immediately broke it off. I went home and packed my things. I stole money from him and went to the airport. I forgot about the tracking device. Jamie found me and stopped me. He yanked my arm, his grip so tight.  He took me to the toilets. He went in for a kiss and tried to apologize. I screamed and kicked, until some one came in. Security. He called for back up. But Jamie hit the security officer and ran. The security officers came. I was crouched in a corner, crying. They took me, getting my details, my alibi, getting everything I knew about Jamie. And they left me to leave leave the country, we agreed it was best. And that's how I found myself here. From then I blocked myself from everything that wasn't here. I haven't seen my family in ages but. I have my family here." 

I tried holding back the tears but I just couldn't, the tears came flooding out.

Harry holds me tight.

"I've never been so open to anyone like this before" I cry.

Harry hushes me, and rocks me to sleep.


I got her to sleep. But now, I'm more awake. I keep running through her story in my head

I never knew how serious this was for her. I've never seen her so vulnerable. I'm speechless. And Brie really opened up to me. 

It got me really thinking, its about time I told her about myself. She really needs the truth.
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