If We Ever Meet Again

10 years of 1D has been a great success but its time for a break, and the boys go their separate ways. But what's next inline for them?

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45. A little bit of everyone - 11

"Right! Louis, Zayn, Liam. We are leaving soon." Victoria announced

"In Vicky terms it means, 'we are leaving early so I don't have to clean up this mess. The place better be clean when we get back' ok?" Chloe says

"We aren't retards" Lou says

"Just clean it up" Vicky mutters

"Why don't you have the boys over?" Chloe asks

"They might be busy..." Liam dropped off.

"You know Niall and Harry were like, tag alongs. They won't be doing anything." Vicky explains.

"Just call them" Chloe says.

Chloe picks up the keys, Vicky and Chloe were out that place quick. 

Geronimo let Chloe, Zac and Luke stay for an extra week. Take in all of what Australia had to offer.


The breath in between kisses was minimal. Brie was driving Harry crazy, the bulge in his pants pushed against Brie's stomach. Brie pushed Harry on the couch, took her shirt off and continued on kissing Harry. 

*bzzzzz* Brie's phone vibrated. 

Harry was really into the moment, but when he heard the phone, he realized Brie had organized with her friends to catch up.

Harry pushes Brie off his chest and goes to the phone.

"Be there in 20" Chloe sent. 

"You gotta go Brie, the girls are waiting..." Harry said

"Don't you want this?" Brie gestures to her body.

"Later" Harry winked. "Their counting on you"

Brie huffed and put her shirt back on. She grabbed her bag and left.

*bzzzzz* Harry's phone went off, it was Louis

"Hey! Catch up? Come to mine. Please? I can't wait to see you guys"


*bzzzzzzz* Justine's phone buzzed, waking her up. 

It was Chloe, 

"SHHHHHIIIITTT!!!!!" Teenie yelled in a whisper.

She quickly ran to the closet and grabbed out a dress and shoes. 

"Converse with my dress? That's just me." Justine said rushing to get her stuff on.

Niall was nicely asleep on the bed. It was 11.45, he was you going to be hungry. Justine grabbed out some left over pizza for the fridge and heated it up. Justine left  note in front of the pizza, 

"Enjoy! Xx :)" and she was gone

*bzzzzz* Niall awoke from his buzzing phone. 

Once he read it, he got changed and headed to the kitchen.

"Pizza for breakfast" he thought to himself, "I need to eat"

And off he went to Lou's place, Pizza in hand.

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