Give Me Love

Tyler's head, has never been a happy place to be, between eating disorders, self harm issues, and an mental illness she is not aware of, she finds herself questioning why she is alive most of the time. When her career takes an unexpected turn throwing in friendships, lust, love and of course, struggles. Can Tyler pull through it? Will she be able to find what she needs to save her life?


1. Thank You


Tyler's POV:



I smack my alarm clock with my hand, ouch, probably shouldn't have hit it that hard. I roll to my left and squint my eye to look at the red numbers: 10:15. Fuck I must have hit snooze more times then I mean too. I manage to get myself, up, I look about my room, I'm still so tired I don't even know how to begin my day.

 I slowly drag myself to my bathroom, awesome; my long usually straight black hair is now wavy. It's to early to care. My skin looks lighter then usual, I am pretty tan but now it's awfully pale. I quickly wash my face, and start my make-up routine; concealer, foundation, powder, shiny gold eye shadow, thick layer of eyeliner, and mascara.

I look in the mirror pleased with how I did that fast. The gold brought out my blue eyes, but thoughts run through my head, I'm really nothing special, just another girl.

 I walk out of my bathroom to hear my best friend Devin screaming my name.

" Tyler! Get your small ass down here, you're going to be late, again!" I run down the hall, down a flight of stairs into the kitchen, oh jolly, food...

"Their going to kill you if you're late again." Let them I think to myself. “I’m moving as fast I can.” I spit, a lot more sassy then I meant it to sound.

I go to the sink to get a glass of water. Devin just stares at me, there’s a look of concern in his eyes but I just look away. Devin has been my best friend since I was 12. We both didn’t fit in, so we stuck together, got out of the hell hole called high school a year early and then moved to London to peruse are careers; Him as a fashion designer, and me as a photographer. Yes Devin is gay, but I still love him more then anyone. Probably cause I don’t have anyone. 

I am an only child, But when I was 15 my parents died in a car crash, it was hard on me, I lived with Devin’s family, until 3 months ago, then we moved to London together.

"So, since someone’s finally turning 18 in a couple days….. I was thinking” Devin trailed off.

Oh god this can’t be good. He glared into my eyes.

“ Why not celebrate? Everyone likes a good party!” He screamed jumping up and down like a little girl!

Yeah, because I have so many friends.

“If you shut up, I will.” I state.

He just smiles at me, his big blue eye staring back at me filled with joy. I ran over and hugged him.

“Thank you for being there when no one was.” I softly whispered. 


Sorry if it's a little slow, it'll get better I promise.

Feedback would be lovely and dearly appreciated. 

Just want to know if you like it so if I can continue. 

Love you all, :* 


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