Give Me Love

Tyler's head, has never been a happy place to be, between eating disorders, self harm issues, and an mental illness she is not aware of, she finds herself questioning why she is alive most of the time. When her career takes an unexpected turn throwing in friendships, lust, love and of course, struggles. Can Tyler pull through it? Will she be able to find what she needs to save her life?


8. Drunken Haze



My tongue went into Harry’s mouth searching for the lime, and then it hit me. The alcohol clearly had an effect on my brain, I pulled away, as Harry just smiled at me.


“At least not here.” I whispered in Harry’s ear.

“I’ll call a cab.” Harry walked towards the washroom so it would be quieter.

While I waited for her, I got myself a shot. Yikes. Need to stop now.Harry walks back over to me, takes my hand and we walk out of the club. I haven’t really paid attention to it, but there is paparazzi everywhere. I get this knot in my stomach, what if they got a picture of Harry and I. I quickly pull my hand out of his grip on mine. Harry looks at me confused. I’ll talk to you after. I mouth to Harry.


We wait about 5 minutes for the cab, and then it comes. The car ride back to Harry’s flat is silent, but this arm is around me, and the other one high up on my inner thigh. I start regretting what I said to him earlier. I mean, I never thought of Harry like that, I didn’t think about if I had feelings for him, and at this point, I wasn’t to sure. Just let the night plays out, I tell my self for reassurance.


We get to the flat, Harry pays the cab driver and we basically fall out. Eventually we make it to the elevator, he presses “45” I guess that’s his floor, gunna be a long trip up.


I could feel Harry’s gaze on me, I slowly turn my head to him, and he smiles and moves closer to me. He pushes my bangs behind my ear, and kisses me so softly, not what I could expect, I kiss him back, harder. His tongue is begging for the entrance, I open my mouth. Harry lifts me up by my ass and pushes me against one of the sides of the elevator.


I think I enjoyed this too much, he was an amazing kisser, and I couldn’t seem to pull away. But the elevator dinged and we were at his floor. We pulled away, he had a smirk on his face, we exited and he walked to his door and unlocked it.


Harry opened the door and he guided me to his room, it was a typical boys room, messy. I didn’t have enough time to look around because Harry took my clutch and jacket placed it on his dresser and started kissing my neck.


I kicked off my heels and he guided me to his bed. There were a million thoughts running through my head, was I really going to do this. But there was something so interesting about the way he kissed me, it gave me the shivers and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.


He laid me down on his bed and started kissing me, but slowly moving down to my chest. He looked up at me to make sure I was okay with all of this, whatever, fuck it.


I nodded my head and Harry unzipped the back of my dress. I unbuttoned his shirt, holy hell. He was perfect; his body was toned, but not too outrageous. He slipped my dress off. And there I was in just a strapless bra, and lace underwear, that didn’t cover anything.

I unbuttoned Harry’s pants and he took them off. He pushed me back down oh his bed. We snogged for about 5 minutes; the whole time Harry was feeling me up, I didn’t mind it considering I was just touching his abs.


He moved his hand to my back and undid my bra with one hand, impressive. “You sure?” He asked in between kisses. I pulled away for a second, he looked worried.  I smiled. “Positive.”  




I woke up to the light creeping in. I try to get up to close the blinds but Harry’s arms are wrapped tight around me, I smile. I remember everything about last night, and just thinking about it makes me happy, I wonder how Harry feels.


I move Harry’s arms and throw the covers off. Oh I am still naked. I put my bra and panties on then my dress. I grab my clutch, jacket and shoes. I shut Harry’s curtain so he won’t wake up.


Oh god I hope no one else is here. I slowly exit Harry’s room and make my way to the door. I put my shoes on and open the door, I look to my left to see Zayn, Niall and Liam all drunk and trying to open there door.


I slam the door hoping they don’t see me. I look out the peephole, and don’t see anyone, so I wait 5 minutes, look again, and then run to the elevator. It was still at this floor so I could get out fast. As soon as I exit Harry’s apartment complex, I realize I have no idea where I am. So I call a cab. I get to my apartment door. Shit, Devin. Is he okay? Before entering I check my phone.


At a friends house(; and I work tomorrow so I won’t be hope till after 4, notice you leave with Harry. Spill everything when u get back. Xx –Dev


Fuck, I hope no one else did. I enter my flat and just go to my room, take off all my makeup that is now below my eyes. Put my hair in a high messy bun, and change into a sports bra and spandex. Then collapse on my bed. And sleep came with ease.



Harry’s POV:


I wake up with a killer headache; I turn to my right to see that Tyler is not there. That’ okay, one nightstands are my thing. I go to my closet and put on a pair of boxers. I grab my phone to see its 11:40.


I haven’t slept in that early in a while, must have been a good night. I go downstairs to make myself some breakfast. I can hear Louis singing in the shower. I just pour a bowl of cereal and some milk and start eating.


“What the fuck is this?” Lou yells from behind me.

“You know I might have to see it to recognize it.” I turn my head and Louis has thrown a magazine at my head.

“Boo bear, don’t be like that.” I joke to him, he doesn’t look to impressed.

“Front cover. And page 19. Good job Harry. You proud?” I frown at him considering I have no idea what he’s talking about.


I grab the magazine and flip to the front cover.


2 Isn’t Enough For Harry Styles

There it was, on the front page, oh god. This couldn’t end well. I flipped to page 19 to read the article.


Just last night One Direction’s youngest Harry Styles was seen leaving a club with another model! That’s 3 in the last week. Someone just can’t get enough. But who is this mystery girl, we have seen her at a restaurant with the boys just the other day. Maybe Harry has a found a girl to settle with.


Fuck, how could I be so stupid? Tyler’s privacy was now going to be ruined because of me, and everyone was going to think she’s just some slut I hooked up with, well I did just hook up with her. I turned to Lou, he still had an unimpressed look on his face.

“Good luck getting out of this one Styles. Tyler is going to be pissed! You should have been more careful! She’s going on tour with us. What if she ends up hating you? Well I can tell you that we all like her so she’s still coming, no matter what you want.” Louis screamed at me.

I hadn’t seen his this mad in... Well ever, I didn’t know what to do. Just then my phone rang. It was Simon, could this get any worse?


"H-hello?" I answered, terrified of what Simon had to say.

"Good morning Harry. Did you have a good night, because it sure as hell looks like you did." He spat.

"I’m sorry."

"You better fucking be, cause now we have to go and start lying for you."

I gulped not wanting to say anything.

"If anyone from now on asks, she’s your cousin. And she is coming on tour with you guys still from the photography, but also because her parents died." 

"Simon, you can’t just make a lie and her parents like that." I growled, managment can be so fucking ruthless.

"It’s not a lie. I’ll be over in 2 hours so both of you can sign the papers, get her over there."


I didn’t reply, I just hung up the phone. Her parents died? When? Is she okay? I didn’t like Simon's plan, but I fucked up so I had to go with it.


We need to talk, text me your address and I’ll pick you up in 15.


I wonder if she's seen the article, or if she remembers last night, I really wonder if she enjoyed it. I pushed the thought out of my head and went to shower, but before I hopped in, I got a text.


You sure as hell are right, you have a lot of explaining to do, I have no idea what's going on.


This wasn’t going to be a good day.

~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~   I totally forgot to write! I'm so sorry!   45 likes for next chapter!    Feedback?   - Summer x, @cuddleswithharry
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