Give Me Love

Tyler's head, has never been a happy place to be, between eating disorders, self harm issues, and an mental illness she is not aware of, she finds herself questioning why she is alive most of the time. When her career takes an unexpected turn throwing in friendships, lust, love and of course, struggles. Can Tyler pull through it? Will she be able to find what she needs to save her life?


4. Accept Me


 Tyler's POV:

“Uh, you alright love?” He looks at me with a confused, but concern face.

I snap out of it

“Oh yeah, hah sorry.” I get inside of the Range Rover and sit beside the guy with blonde hair, I feel kind of bad considering I don’t know who is who.

I have seen their faces before, they’re everywhere in London. That might be part of the reason I never really cared for them, it seemed like a waste of time.


“Hi I’m Niall.” I turn to the blonde one, he shakes my hand… Awkward.

“I’m Louis!” I turn behind me and I am pulled into a bear hug by one of the boys with brown hair, he let’s go, a name to that face.






“And as you probably know, I’m Harry.” Said the one with curly hair and those eyes, ah.

Then I realize what he said.

“No I didn’t know, cocky much?” I spit, fuck Tyler be nice.


He gives me a sour look, “Sorry,” I apologize under my breath.

 “Don’t sweat it love.” I turn back to sit properly, I didn’t realize we were moving, but we were going off into some area of town I don’t know, I grab my iphone and go on facebook, not wanting to take part in their conversation. But then I think it was Louis who yells.

“So Tyler, tell us about yourself.” Kind of weird that they knew my name, yet I didn’t know theirs.


Ugh, where to start “Well, my name is Tyler Woodlock, I’m 17, almost 18, I use to live in Birmingham, I moved here about 3-4 months ago with my best friend and got a job with blue wall photography. Not much to tell.” I trailed off, they looked bored.

Sorry I’m not good enough for you lifestyle, I thought.

“So that wasn’t your boyfriend?” I turn to my right and look at who I recall to be Harry.

“No my best friend, why?”

“Well I don’t know about you lads, but I don’t kiss my best friend..” He trailed off, almost sounded like he was accusing me of lying as all of the other boys snickered.

“HAROLD! Don’t act like you don’t give me kisses!” Louis yelled awfully offended… Wait! They’re gay?! Devin’s lucky day-


“Funny Lou, anyways, besides the point, so when’s your birthday?” Zayn asked, I turn around, wow, he’s… gorgeous, I’m so busy admiring his face I almost forgot to answer his question.

“Oh uh, in 2 days.”

“ Good thing we leave in a week! You have to let us take you out and celebrate!” Louis said, a little to enthuse.

“Oh sorry, Devin’s already taken that role but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you tagged-“ Harry interrupted me.

“Is Devin your boyfriend?”

Then he put his hand on my knee, moving my dress up to touch my skin, I swear my whole body went numb. I turn to Harry processing what he said, but still in an aw from his touch, wait, why does he care so much about the fact I kissed Devin?

“No, for your information Devin is my gay best friend.” I spat, smirking, Harry had a look of relief on his face.

“Well we would love to spend your 18th birthday with you.” Louis and Zayn said at the exact same time.

Weird. I just smile then the car comes to a stop.

“Here” I turn to the driver, I forgot all about what was going on around me.

Harry opens the door and we all pile out, I look at all the boys, wow, taller then me, and they dress to much alike, all wearing different colour skinny’s with a white tee and black blazer. Oh god, I wait for the boys to walk ahead of me, awkwardly walking behind them, then Niall come to walk with me, we are a good 5 feet behind the others who are making jokes and punching each other.

“Sorry about Harry, he’s kind of a flirt, it’s his weird way of saying he wants to sleep with you.”

Wow I’ve known them for about 10-15 minutes and I already feel extremely uncomfortable. I realize how rough of a Irish accent Niall has when he goes on about the boys and what they’re like, I’m not really listening to him, still thinking about what he said about Harry, and if I am even capable to put up with this for a whole fucking year.


(A/N: I don’t know what restraint they have in London, so I said Boston Pizza, It’s big in Canada!)



We got our table away in a private area so no one can bother us, it is definitely an awkward seating arrangement, I am in the middle of Louis and Niall, On the other side it’s Zayn, Harry, then Liam. Harry keeps looking up from the menu at me, then it hit me. Fuck, I have to eat.


The waiter comes up to take our drink order, the boys all get beer, I got a water. They’re all looking over the menu, I look down, pasta, pizza, wings, sandwiches, I flip to the back, thank god, kids menu, pizza, small enough. The waiter comes back with our drinks.

“What can I get you?“

All of the boys order pasta, other then Niall who orders ribs and pasta.

“And what about you?” She look at me,

I gulp “Uh, can I get the kids cheese pizza….?”

All of the boys look at me in shock. The waiter nods, takes the menu’s and walks off.

“You know you can get whatever you want, were paying…” Zayn says looking disappointed.

“How is one slice of pizza going to fill you?” Says Niall, what is he implying I’m fat to.

Great, they see me as some cow.

“Not hungry…” I whisper softly, I look up to Harry who looks concern.

The boys brush it off and start giving me details about the tour, I am going to share a tour bus with Louis and Harry, oh great, but that’s only for sleeping, otherwise we are always together so I can get as many pictures as I can. After about 10 minutes of conversation the waiter comes back with our food, all of the boys eat like animals, I slowly take small bites. Once I am finished they all look at me… I feel disgusting, I take a big sip of water and excuse myself from the table.


I take my clutch with me, I run over to the bathroom and break down, why can't it be easy? Why can't I go through a meal not think of how it's going to affect my body? What I would give to be normal.  clean myself up quick knowing they might assume something if I take to long  I fix my makeup, but my eyes are still red and puffy, I was about to leave when I realize I had eaten today, I walk over to the bath room stall, crouch down, and start but right then, I hear the door open.

“Tyler?” A familiar voice calls

~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~


I woke up from a night of being sick to find I had 10 likes and 3 new comments, wow, thank you so much! I love each and every one of you, finished chapter 5 about an hour ago! 'Like' this chapter if you want it! Your feedback means so much thank you! Keep commenting! 

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