The Husband, Wife and Daughter (Book 4)

The fourth book in the Niall and Amber series.
Niall and Amber now have a daughter, but with all their past adventures, can they handle it?


7. The Boy

Amber's Point of View

I knocked on the door and shivered. It was getting cold fast. Caringly Niall put his arm around my shoulder, trying to keep me warm. I heard sounds from inside, stomping... banging... voices raised... and finally the sound of locks unlocking was heard and the door opened. A young boy, barely thirteen, answered the door.

"Whaddya want?" He snarled, ready to shut the door in our faces.

"Our car broke down lad, can we use your phone?" Niall calmly replied, though I felt his grip tightening around me. A strong smell of liquor and cigarettes came from the house.

"Ain't got none," The shrugged, ready to shove the door in our faces.

"Wait," I held out my hand to stop the splintered door from closing any further. "We really need your help. Are you the only one home?"

"So what if I am?" the boy rolled his eyes, ready to shove the door in our faces again, but I stopped it.

"Listen, kid, I'm Amber Horan, and this is Niall Horan. We are extremely famous and rich... we'll give you a few bucks if you let us at least stay the night," I bargained.

"Hey! We can't be flashing our money around like that!" Niall nudged me and whispered in an angry tone.

"Do you want to sleep in the car?" I kindly asked him, then turned towards the boy.

"Listen guys, my pa's a drunk and I hafta look after my baby sister all on my own, so I'd really appreciate it if you could leave..."

"I'll help," quickly I offered without thinking. "You let us stay the night and I'll help out." Ignoring Niall's non-discrete nudges into my hip, I tried to make my way through the door.

"Pa's passed out now on the couch... he'll be that way 'till mornin'." The boy seemed to look us over from head to toe several more times. "How do I know you are who you say you are?"

"Do you have a teenage sister?" Niall quickly asked with a cough.

"Yeah... though what's it to you?" the boy snarled.

"Tell her to come to the door. She will confirm who we are."

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