The Husband, Wife and Daughter (Book 4)

The fourth book in the Niall and Amber series.
Niall and Amber now have a daughter, but with all their past adventures, can they handle it?


3. Louis has Questions

Niall's Point of View

"Don't forget the chips!" I called from the nursery. Amber was downstairs getting the picnic basket ready, and I was instructing her what to pack. Harry and Louis were making themselves useful with the Xbox on the newest fifa game while Eleanor was out in the garden reading a Harry Potter book.

"I won't!" Amber called from downstairs in the kitchen. I heard the pantry open and the sound of chips being thrown into a basket.

"Mummy and Daddy are going away," I told Zara with a smile. "Uncle Harry, Uncle Louis and Aunt Eleanor will look after you." I tried to sound confident, but I still wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not. I mean we had left Harry and Louis in charge hundreds of times, but what if? What if something happened this time? No. Nothing would happen. I shook my head as I shifted Zara's position on my hip and reached for the pile of clean diapers high up in the cupboard.

"Here? Want me?" I nearly jumped at the sound of Louis' voice from the doorway. I hadn't heard him come upstairs, which was unusual. I placed Zara on the change table and looked at Louis. He was casually leaning against the doorway.

"Thanks, but it's fine." I smiled as I started the dirty work. It was no ones favorite job, but someone had to do it. From the corner of my eye I watched as Louis crept in closer and watched my nearly expert hands doing the change. By the time the change was done, Louis was still curiously watching. "Okay, mate, what's up?"

"I need your advice for something..." Louis voice trailed for minute, his face completely somber. He looked me right in the eyes. "I want to marry Eleanor."

"Then marry her!" I smiled in relief. The whole world had been waiting for Louis to pop the question for years now. They were truly perfect for each other.

"But that's the thing... am I ready?" Louis shoved his hands deep into the skinny jean pockets. "Am I mature enough? It's the peak of our career, is marriage a good choice right now?"

Thinking for a moment as I shifted Zara once again and tried to get her hands out of my hair, I thought. "Lad, it's up to you," I eventually said. "I can't control it."

"I know..." Louis took his hands out of his pocket. "C-can I hold her?"  He pulled his arms out to reach for Zara. Zara saw the move and almost jumped out of my arms in excitement.

"Go ahead, Lou." Reluctantly I handed Zara over and headed out of the room to give the two some time alone.

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