The Husband, Wife and Daughter (Book 4)

The fourth book in the Niall and Amber series.
Niall and Amber now have a daughter, but with all their past adventures, can they handle it?


2. Hopelessly in love

Niall’s Point of View

I got out of the shower and put on a pair of pants, not bothering with my shirt, and walked downstairs. Amber and Eleanor were busy in the kitchen, and I saw Harry and Louis sitting in front of the fire fooling around, Zara on the floor in front of them.

“Since when do the ladies do all the cooking?” I demanded in a stern voice and scooped Zara with one hand and took her into my arms. “Was Uncle Louis and Uncle Harry being silly?” I asked Zara in a baby-ish voice. Zara laughed at me and smiled. “I thought so…” I shook my head. “Dad’s going to go and help mummy now, okay?” I put Zara down on Harry’s lap and glared at him. My expression should have said: don’t hurt her, or else. But I think Harry read it as: Here, go kill my baby. For, as soon as I turned my back I saw that Harry was throwing her in the air and swinging her around. Louis was stuffing her favorite toy into her face.

“Morning Niall,” Amber came up to me and kissed my cheek. Her apron was full of pancake batter. “So… I phoned Angela and asked for a favor… I’m not working today.” Amber looked deeply into my eyes, and I looked deeply into hers. I kissed her lips.

“Well, say thanks to Angela for me,” I smiled my silly smile which I only did when I was hopelessly in love. Yes… after knowing Amber for so long, I was still hopelessly in love.

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