The Husband, Wife and Daughter (Book 4)

The fourth book in the Niall and Amber series.
Niall and Amber now have a daughter, but with all their past adventures, can they handle it?


8. Accident

Louis' Point of View

Instantly I tensed. What happened? It was silent upstairs. Not even a pin drop could be heard up there. I  put the laptop down on the couch and raced to the edge of the stairs.

"What happened?!" My voice was strained. My right foot quickly came to the carpeted first step.

"Louis!" I heard Harry's voice, filled with tears and worry.

"What?" I hadn't seem him appear so I ran up the stairs, three at a time and entered the bedroom. Harry was crumpled on the floor. His phone was carelessly lying on the floor as if it had been dropped. The screen was on, revealing that Harry was texting someone. THen, my eyes went to the space where Harry was looking.

Zara was lying on the floor, unconscious. Blood slowly oozing from a wound.

"Call an ambulance," Harry softly  instructed. He swore. "I can't believe I did this..." His eyes watered.

"Find where the bleeding is coming from and try to stop it," I instructed before running back downstairs to grab the phone.

The phone was right where it was supposed to be and I dialed the number.

What was Harry doing anyway? He should've been looking after Zara and not texting. This was Harry's fault.

Anger took over anxiety. I was ready to punch Harry. Didn't he really love Zara as much as I did??

Someone picked up the phone and I gave the details before running off to open the gate. It was Harry's fault... wasn't it? Or was it my fault for handing her over to Harry?


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