The Husband, Wife and Daughter (Book 4)

The fourth book in the Niall and Amber series.
Niall and Amber now have a daughter, but with all their past adventures, can they handle it?


5. A problem

Amber's Point of View

"And all these little things..." Niall's beautiful voice softly entered my ears as he finished singing Little Things to me. The sun was setting, and we were sitting on a rock looking over the creek, my head resting on Niall's shoulder.

"Did I ever tell you that you have a perfect voice?" I whispered, my eyes fluttering closed.

"Hmm..." Niall thought for moment. He carefully put his guitar on the rocks and leaned against me. "I don't think so..." His voice drifted off.

"We should get going," I abruptly got up, seeing that the sun was nearly set. "Zara can't sleep without me singing to her, remember?"

"How could I forget?" Niall softly laughed, remembering all the dates we had tried to go on past her bedtime. Usually it was Harry, Louis, Zayn or Liam babysitting, but no matter how good their voices were Zara wouldn't think about sleep without my voice.

"You shouldn't." On the nights I worked it meant a sleepless Niall, who was forced to stay awake with the baby until my shift ended. It was annoying, but yet extremely sweet.

"I've got to get to the studio tomorrow anyway," Niall sighed as we walked back towards the golf cart, since we had already packed up the food and such before.

"What song are you singing?" I asked, nudging him playfully on the side.

"Now, that's top-secret, sweetie," Niall said in not a such apologetic tone. I hopped in the passenger seat of the cart, Niall walked around, put his guitar in the back, and went into the drivers seat. He held my hand while with the other he carefully drove through the field and to the place where we parked the car. We transferred the items from the cart into the car, and then continued on our way home.

It was about halfway home though, when the car started making funny sounds and completely stopped in front of a small, lone house.

"Now what?" Niall asked after trying to start the car several times. "There's no reception here."

I took off my seatbelt, opened the door and stepped out into the moonlight.

"Amber! What do you think you're doing?!" Niall demanded, trying to grasp a bit of my dress.

"Asking for help," I replied with a smile. "The lights are on." Yes, the house we stopped infront of was a huge dump, but homely lights came from several uncovered windows.

Niall sighed. "Amber! I'm part of One Direction! I can't just go to random peoples houses and ask for help!"

"How else are we going to get help?" By now I was standing in the middle of the road, my voice was rising.

"I don't know!" Frustrated Niall angrily hit the steering wheel. We were quiet for several seconds before Niall came out. "Okay fine... We will ask for help."


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