I remember you!

Harry's best friend came to one of their signings he looks into her eyes and remembers every moment they had will he ask her to be his girlfriend or will he wait until she expresses her feeling to him


3. Starbucks with the boys

As we finished talking we walked to a black van we got in and Louis asked if we wanted to go to Starbucks we all agreed I got out my phone and Harry grabbed he typed something then he gave it to me it was his number then I went to text messages and typed his name "hey I need to tell you something" I replied "what" he replied " I love you" I sent him I looked at him and his eyes widen I looked at my phone "what?" He replied "we'll before you left I had a crush on you" I replied " oh" he replied a year came down my face I quickly wiped it I got a mirror out and redid my make up we're here Louis said I quickly got out we waited for the others after we ordered and got our drinks we started talking **2 hours later** we finished talking "we'll I gotta go" I said getting up and walking towards the door when I exited I felt a hand on my writ I turned around what I said I love you too Harry said he then leaned in and kissed me softly he pulled away ill text you later he said and kissed me again I walked to my car and drove home I went in my house and put on pjs I went in the living room I was about to sit down but the door bell rang I opened the door to my surprise it was Harry hey I said leading him in I sat on the couch lexi he said yes I said will you be my girlfriend? He said yes I'd love to I said jumping on him he caught me by my bum I love you he said I love you too I said then we leaned in and kissed well it was actually making out he lied me on the couch and got on top of me then we continue kissing we pull away out of breath I move his curls off his beautiful green eyes he stares at me and kisses me again
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