I remember you!

Harry's best friend came to one of their signings he looks into her eyes and remembers every moment they had will he ask her to be his girlfriend or will he wait until she expresses her feeling to him


5. Romantic bath

Well when I woke up Harry wasn't there I see the bathroom door he wasn't there his clothes are still here I go to the living room he wasn't there I went in the kitchen he was there cooking so I snaked my hands around his waist he nearly jumped in my arms I started to laugh I kissed on the cheek hey babe he said handing me a plate then serving himself hey and thank you babe I said walking to the table then we started to earthen I saw every time he'd face up he'd look at me I relised I was only in a bra but I didn't care we ate and finished we washed the dishes together then headed to my room I was so lazy that I just climbed in bed then I felt arms around my waist I smiled I looked at Harry and pressed my lips on his we stayed there kissing we pulled away so what do you wanna do I said sitting up putting on a shirt well lets go to the boys and make it official ok I said getting up and going to the closet I got some heels and a dress I went in the bathroom then Harry came in what do you need I said I wanna shower he said no I'm taking a shower first I said can I shower with you he said ok I said he got some of his clothes and came in I closed the door and took off my clothes then I saw Harry making a bubble bath what are you doing the shower is over here well I wanted us to have a romantic time so I did this I saw candles lit and rose petals he got in and said join me?yes I said I got in and we sat together then he planted a kiss on me we started to make out I got on his lap from there we were just making out then I moaned I lost it so we did it in the bath tub we weren't going to make it official today now
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