I remember you!

Harry's best friend came to one of their signings he looks into her eyes and remembers every moment they had will he ask her to be his girlfriend or will he wait until she expresses her feeling to him


2. Going to their signing

I woke up to the sun hitting my face I cover my face and relive I have to go to their signing because Ann told me to so I got up and looked at myself my red hair on my face I stripped my clothes down and went in the shower I sang "The A-Team" By Ed Sheeran I loved that song after I finished I came out in a towel yes I'm the only child and plus I have a bathroom in my room I went to my closet and picked out a strapless shirt with some short shorts then I got my white chuck Taylor's and put them on my hair was dry so I curled it and put a blue bow on my hair then I got my glasses and my iPhone and headed out the door I went in my Audi and drove to the mall when I got there. There was atleast 5 girls *5min later ** there was a million girls they opened the door and went in I put on my glasses and walked up to the table hello what's your name I heard Harry say um my name is lexi I smiled he shot his head up can you take off your glasses please he said I quickly looked at the ground and took them off look up he said I covered my eyes and looked up remove your hand he said so I did his eyes widen cutie he said softly yes I said omg your here he said jumping over the table and hugging me your here he whispered in my ear he told me to wait after he was done I waited it was now over all the boys were coming towards me once they ce closer Harry ran to me and hugged me then the boys started to say awe or awe our little jazz as growing up shut up guys Harry said still in his embrace he then pulled away and kissed my cheek who's she the blonde one said oh guys this is lexi,lexi this is niall Zayn Louis and Liam he pointed at each of them I waved at them the one with the bright blue eyes and a brown quif came up to me and hugged me saying you can call me boobear okay I said
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