I remember you!

Harry's best friend came to one of their signings he looks into her eyes and remembers every moment they had will he ask her to be his girlfriend or will he wait until she expresses her feeling to him


4. Going to sleep

Well he pulled away we both sat up but I sat on his lap he wrapped his arms around my waist then I yawned and laid my head on his shoulder the he started to kiss my neck softly then a moan escaped he then started to smile he stopped and kissed me then he pulled away we both yawned I'm tired I said Harry lifted me up and took me to my bed he tucked me in he was about to leaves no stay with me I said are you sure he said yea I said he took off his shirt and jeans and climbed in my bed so I just took off my shirt since it was so hot in here I relised I had a glow in the dark blue bra on shit I said in my mind he then wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer are you wearing a shirt he asked um no I said oh why he said its cuz it's hot and plus I don't wear a shirt when I sleep I said but he surprised me when he started kissing my neck I giggled cuz it tickled me he the pulled away and kissed me goodnight babe he said goodnight I said wrapping my arms around his waist then we slowly drift to sleep A/N: sorry it's short
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