I remember you!

Harry's best friend came to one of their signings he looks into her eyes and remembers every moment they had will he ask her to be his girlfriend or will he wait until she expresses her feeling to him


1. **2years ago**

Hey I'm lexi I'm 18 and single I have chocolate brown eyes and red hair I miss my best friend Harry I don't know his number anymore because I deleted it after he left to the xfactor I was so mad because I lost the guy I crushed on for 2 year that day when he left I gave him a paper airplane necklace I bet he never uses it I crude myself to sleep every night because I missed him sometimes I cut my self he was the only that loved me yea my parents love me but they are never around they are both actors yes I'm rich to Harry's mother has been taking care of me in return I pay her cuz I'm that nice she knew I liked Harry because she knows how I look at him I've heard Harry's band sing their amazing but I know he'll never love me the way I loved him my life is nothing without his love around me my bad days have been terrible without his amazing bubble baths he use to make me.....

A/N: Hey guys what do you think hope you like it :))
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