Famous Pop star Kendra Lockheart has a lot in common with Justin Bieber, but she wants nothing to do with him. She knows how 'Bad Boy' stars can get and she isn't taking any risks. When her manager Lisa forces her to pull a Publicity stunt: Dating Justin Bieber, she is not happy. But the more time she spends with him, the more feelings start appearing! READ!


16. That night

Kendra POV

I spent the entire day with Justin, but I couldn't stop thinking about my grandpa. He is strong, but there isn't a doubt in my mind that he will be able to go home tonight. 

Justin and I drove to the hospital and the doctor wouldn't let us in for about an hour....something about checking his heart. 

I brought a book with me to read. It was my favorite book of all time...the Outsiders. We sat in the hallway against the wall. Justin was reading it out loud. 

"He never talked about his past or being in jail that way-if he talked about it at all, it was to brag. And I suddenly thought of jail at the age of ten...Dally growing up in the streets... 'Would you rather have me living in hide-outs for the rest of my life, always on the run?' Johnny asked seriously. If Dally had said yes, Johnny would have gone back to the church without hesitation. He figured Dally knew more than he did, and Dally's word was the law. But he never heard Dally's answer, for he had reached the top of Jay Mountain and Dally suddenly slammed on the brakes and stared. 'Oh Glory!' he whispered. The church was on fire!" Just then the doctor came out and saw us sitting on the ground. 

"You are welcome to come in now." he said

I immediately shot up and jogged into the room. He looked dead, as dead as these kids would be in that church if Johnny and Pony wouldn't have saved them. (The Outsider's reference) 

I wondered if he was dreaming. His face looked wrinkled, but that was from age. He didn't look peaceful at all. He looked like he was in pain, like he wanted to scream but his mouth wouldn't open. I wish I knew what he was thinking or if he was even a live at all. I looked over at the monitor recording his pulse. His heart was beating slow. So slow that it seemed that he could die at any minute. The suspense was killing me. I needed to know if he was going to die.

I grabbed his hand and put it to my heart. I cried. I hated crying  in front of people. I am an ugly cryer. 

Justin came up behind me and gave me a hug. 

"He doesn't have much longer to live. He could die at any moment." I cried

"I know it hurts. I can feel your pain."

"You know it hurts but you don't feel my pain. You don't know the history behind this old man. You don't know all the days i spent camping with him, playing board games with him, the days that he made me hot chocolate when it was snowing outside. You don't understand. No one does."

"Believe me, I understand. I know that it hurts to see him like this. It hurts to look back on all the days that you spent together. It hurts to know that these may be the last moments that you have with him. He could die right in front of you, and it hurts. I know." I turned around to Justin who was crying too. He used his fingers to wipe my tears away. I wiped his away and hugged him. We were hugging for about 10 minutes, just crying. He does understand. 

Justin let go of me and smiled. 

I turned around and looked at my grandpa. Grandma was getting dinner in the cafeteria so it was just me and Justin. 

I kissed my grandpa on the forehead. Then it happened....

His heart rate machine beeped, his pulse was slowing down. There were flat lines everywhere, and I was scared. I cried more and put my hands on my grandpa. I shook him, hoping that he would wake up. He wouldn't wake up. His heart rate was getting slower.

"No! NO!" I screamed. I fell to my knees and looked up. This was it...this was the end. 


OMB guys I was almost crying when I was writting this. :,( Hope i didn't make you too upset with this chapter. I will try to update this week. Bye. BieberKisses<3

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