Famous Pop star Kendra Lockheart has a lot in common with Justin Bieber, but she wants nothing to do with him. She knows how 'Bad Boy' stars can get and she isn't taking any risks. When her manager Lisa forces her to pull a Publicity stunt: Dating Justin Bieber, she is not happy. But the more time she spends with him, the more feelings start appearing! READ!


2. Oh no

Kendra POV

I woke up today feeling terrible. I remembered what I said about Justin last night on the Ellen Show, and I am praying that no one hates me for sharing my opinion. I went downstairs to find my mom sitting on our worn out couch watching her recordings of Dance Mom's.

"Hey mom. How was your night?" I asked taking the orange juice out of the fridge.

"I slept really good last night, which is very rare. So that was good."

"Yeah." my mom has sleep insomnia (when she sleeps she can't breath and her heart stops beating, which keeps you awake), so it's very special when she actually gets to sleep. 

"So how was the Ellen show last night?" she asked

"It could have been better. She asked me my opinion on Justin Bieber and I made something up so people wouldn't hate me."

"I'm guessing you don't like him then."

"I like his music, and he is cute, but he is a bad influence."

"I guess you could think of it that way."

I poured the juice into a cup and poured myself a bowl of Captain Crunch. I was just sitting there at the table, looking out the window thinking about home and how great it would be to go back. LA is totally different from Canada. When I left my grandpa was diagnosed with blood cancer, so I worry about him all the time. I wish  cancer didn't exist! It takes lives away every day, and my grandpa could be next.

I finished my cereal and went upstairs. I got into the shower and let the water drip from my face for a while. I washed my hair, body, and shaved, then got out. I walked into my dark, purple bedroom with a towel around my body and another on top of my head. I noticed a small light coming from the corner of my room. I walked over and saw my Iphone 5 sitting on the dock. I had a new text message.

Lisa: We have an important meeting today. Be ready in 30 minutes, I am coming to get you.

Lisa is my manager. She is the one who helped me become famous. Sometimes she gets on my nerves, but I know her heart is in the right place. I picked out a cute outfit from my closet and put on a bracelet that my dad got for me when i was 11.

I went downstairs and watched Dance mom's with my mom until Lisa got here. 

*ding dong* That was Lisa. I gave my mom a kiss and walked out into the driveway where Lisa parked her red corvette.  I got in the car and we were silent most of the ride. We got to this large building made of mostly glass. It was huge

"What kind of meeting is this?"

"You will see Kendra." We walked into the building and took the elevator to the 8th floor. There was a long hallway we walked down, and we finally made it to our destination: 145B  I opened the door and walked inside to find two men sitting in a chair. Oh Goodness! It was Justin Bieber and his manager. 


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