Famous Pop star Kendra Lockheart has a lot in common with Justin Bieber, but she wants nothing to do with him. She knows how 'Bad Boy' stars can get and she isn't taking any risks. When her manager Lisa forces her to pull a Publicity stunt: Dating Justin Bieber, she is not happy. But the more time she spends with him, the more feelings start appearing! READ!


21. Mom

The next morning

Kendra POV

I woke up on Justin's chest as he was playing with my hair. 

"Good morning beautiful." he said kissing my forehead. 

"Good morning sexy." 

"How did you sleep?"

"Awesome, although i did have this really weird dream."

"Tell me." 

"So we were at the park and there was this really cute dog without a collar. We walked up to it and it started licking us. and then it started floating in mid air and it was breathing fire. We ran away from it and it chased us all the way home. We slammed the door and ran into the bedroom. The dog burnt the house down and ate everything in the fridge. It was really weird."

"That is really weird."

"Kids. Come down stairs please!" Grandma yelled.

 "OK!" I replied. 

Justin put on a shirt and walked with me down the stairs. 

At the front door stood a suitcase and a carry on. 

"What's going on?"

Just then my mom walked through the door.

"Kenny!" she screamed as she dropped her bag and ran to me. 


I gave her a big hug and helped her with her bags. 

"Justin. I trust that you have been good to my little girl." mom said with a smirk. 

"Yes mam."he said putting his arm around me with a smile. 

"Good. I didn't want to open up a can of butt kick."

"So what do you want to do today mom?"

"How about we just go to dinner? I am worn from that flight. I need a nap." 

"Ok. Well you enjoy your rest." Grandpa said. 

"Hey kids. We are running out of food in the house. Do you mind going shopping for us?" 

"Not at all. Just let us go get decent." 

I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth. Justin came in with a towel wrapped around his waist. 

"What are you doin baby?" I asked.

"Takin a shower."

"Oh. Well don't sing too loud. My mom needs sleep." i teased. (Justin likes to sing in the shower.)

"Come with me."

"No. I dont want to get my hair wet because it takes forever to dry."

"Fine then..." 

I went back to the bedroom to find a cute outfit to wear in public.

After I got dressed i went back into the bathroom to do my makeup. Justin was wrapping his waist in a towel. As I was finishing my eye liner Justin's cold hands ran up my arm.

"AHHH! Justin, you are freezing!" I shrieked running my eye liner from my eye to my ear. "You messed up my eye liner!"

"Sorry baby." he laughed. 

"Why are you laughing? It's not funny."

"It kinda was." he kept laughing.

"Oh yeah? See how funny it is now!" I ran my eye liner across Justin's cheek. 

"Well that wasn't nice!"

"Neither was you laughing at me."
"We can get this off right?"

"Depends." I said as I was applying my mascara. 


"You know what i want."

"I do?"


"Come here." I put the mascara down and walked over to Justin. "Close your eyes."

I closed my eyes waiting for a kiss. I felt his arms grab my by the waist. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. 

"AH! Justin, put me down!"

"Not until you get this make up off my face!"

"Fine. I will get it off, i promise. Just put me down."

"How do i know you're not lying?"

"Because you love me and you will put me down." 

"Ok, ok." He put me down and waited for me to get the remover. 

"I have to dab this on your face. It might be cold."

I dabbed the cloth on his face slowly. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I looked in his beautiful brown eyes and slowed down the dabbing. The longer i gazed into his eyes the more i wanted him. I smashed my lips into his and dropped the cloth on the floor. He picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands rested on my face. His hands were cold but i didn't care. 

"Kids. Add Peanut Butter to the grocery list!" Grandma yelled. 

I pulled away and Justin put me down. 

"Let me get the rest of that off." I said grabbing the cloth. I wiped the eye liner off of his face and let him wipe mine off. 

"I just have to get dressed and then we can go babe."  he said. 

"Alright i will be waiting down stairs for you." I gave him a small kiss and walked down stairs. 

A few minutes later Justin walked down stairs looking amazing. 

"Damn baby, you look hot!" I said giving him a kiss.

"Get a room!" grandpa joked.

"You guys ready to go?" grandma asked. 

"Yeah." Justin answered. 

"Alright you have the list. Don't be too long." 

Justin grabbed the keys and opened the door to car for me. We drove about 15 minutes to Safeway. When we got inside there were shoppers stopping what they were doing to look at us. They started whispering "Look, it's Justin Bieber and Kendra LockHeart." 

"Hi guys." I said with a smile. 

One little girl came up to me and hugged my knees. 

"I love  you Kendra!" she said as she walked away. 

"I love you too!"

Other people came up to me and Justin saying cute things like "your music saved my life." and "You guys are so cute together." 

They went back to shopping and so did we. First we grabbed the fruit and milk. Then we went over to the frozen aisle. 

"It's freezing in here. Can we hurry up?" i asked

"Aww is my baby cold?"


"Come here baby."

Justin left his arms wide open for me to fall into. He wrapped his arms around my waist and tried to keep me warm. 



We continued to shop and payed for the groceries. 

As we were loading the trunk of the car an older looking man, maybe in his 30's with a cast on his arm, came up to me. 

"Excuse me miss. Can you help me for a moment? I broke my arm and the groceries are too heavy." 


I went across the parking lot to help the man put the groceries away. As i put the last bag in my arms were grabbed and held behind my back. A hand covered my mouth so i couldn't scream.

"Don't say a word and I will let you out alive." he demanded, putting a gun to my head. 

I nodded along.He grabbed a thick rope and tied my hands together.  The man opened the back door to the truck and pushed me in.

"JUSTIN!!!!!" I screamed as we pulled out of the lot. I struggled to untie the "handcuffs". Finally i got it untied and I banged on the window and got Justin's attention as we passed. 

"Kendra!!!!!!" Justin yelled running torwards the truck. He couldn't catch up and stopped before being almost hit by a car. 

"This is the last time you will see Justin again." the man said. I was being kidnapped. 




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