Famous Pop star Kendra Lockheart has a lot in common with Justin Bieber, but she wants nothing to do with him. She knows how 'Bad Boy' stars can get and she isn't taking any risks. When her manager Lisa forces her to pull a Publicity stunt: Dating Justin Bieber, she is not happy. But the more time she spends with him, the more feelings start appearing! READ!


14. Hospital

Kendra POV

The second the car was parked in the hospital parking lot I jumped out the car and ran to the front desk.

"I need the room number for Jay Lockheart." I demanded. The woman at the desk seemed the least it interested.

"I will need some ID, I cannot let you in unless you are family. And I will need to see the young man's ID also." she said referring to Justin.

"We rushed here after I got a call from my grandma Bethany Lockheart. I didn't have time to grab my purse. This is an emergency! He could be dead right now!!! I need to see him!" I begged. The woman gave me a scowled look and searched on her computer.

"He is in room 436 on floor C"

"Thank you." I sprinted torwards the elevator with Justin by my side. The elevator door opened quickly and I rushed inside, pressing the button for floor C. Justin pulled me in for a hug and I cried on his shoulder the entire way up. This is why I brought him.

 As the door opened I rushed out straight to room 436. I peered through the window. My grandma was holding my grandpa's hand, unaware that I was at the door. I knocked lightly on the door to get her attention. She immediately came to the door and let us in.

Justin talked to my grandma while I was looking at my grandpa. He was hooked up to a heart machine that records his heart rate and his eyes were closed. I don't know if he is dead or dreaming. Tears were still rolling down my cheeks like a waterfall. 

I fell to my knees and covered my face with his hands. Justin and grandma ran to my side to comfort me.

"He will be ok." grandma said stroking my hair.

"He is just asleep. He wont be awake for a few days, but he is ok." Justin explained. 

Flashbacks from my childhood came to mind. All the days I spent with him when my mom was sick, when my dad left us, when i needed someone to talk to...he was there. He has always been there. He is so close to my heart. 

"I need to get some air." I stood up and walked into the hallway. People were looking at me like I was crazy, like I belonged in a zoo, but I didn't care. I balled up by the door and tucked my head in-between my knees. I listened to the conversation Justin and grandma were having...something about how they can help me get through this. Honestly, there was no way I would get over this.

I heard the door open so I looked over my shoulder to see who it was. It was Justin. He sat down next to me and rubbed my back. 

"Across the ocean, across the sea, starting to forget the way you look at me. Over the mountains, across the sky, need to see your face need to look in your eyes. Through the storm and through the clouds. Bumps in the road and upside down now. I know it's hard babe, to sleep at night. Don't you worry. Cause everything's gunna be alright. Be alright. Through the sorrow and the fights, don't you worry. Cause everything's gunna be alright. Be alright." he sang. 

"I hope so." 

"Baby I'm here, I'm here to stay. I ain't goin nowhere. i know you're scared cause you've been hurt. Baby it's alright. Lost in your eyes everything that you look in mine. I promise to be all that you need, i won't leave you baby no. Cause I just wunna love you. I would never ever put nobody up above you. I just wunna kiss you baby I just wunna love you till the end, till the end. Cause I'm right here. Ain't body gunna hold ya. Cause i'm right here. Ain't nobody gunna control ya. Cause I'm right, right here, right here, right here, right here, right here, yeah." He sang. 

"That's all I wanted to hear." I lifted my head up and smiled.

"What do you mean?" he asked

"I just want you to be here." 

"I will never leave you." he gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "I love you"

"What?" I asked confused.

"I love you." He leaned in and kissed me...a very passionate kiss. Wow, Justin loves me.


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