Famous Pop star Kendra Lockheart has a lot in common with Justin Bieber, but she wants nothing to do with him. She knows how 'Bad Boy' stars can get and she isn't taking any risks. When her manager Lisa forces her to pull a Publicity stunt: Dating Justin Bieber, she is not happy. But the more time she spends with him, the more feelings start appearing! READ!


4. Dream

Kendra POV

I got home and told my mom what was happening. I was really upset about this. Justin was cute and all in middle school, and now he's a jerk! I don't know, maybe I shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But I heard what happened with him and Selena, and i totally think that Selena was the issue, not him. Maybe I should give him a chance.

*Buzz Buzz* I got a text from an unknown number

J-Hey, it's Justin. 

K-OH Heyy

J-So the plan is that we go on our 'first date' tomorow at lunch to get the rumors flowing.

K-Sounds good to me. When and where?

J- 12 and I will pick you up at your place. Address..

K- 3847 Sunset Dr

J-Cool. See you then

K- kk, bye


I sat down and watched tv and snoozed off. I had the weirdest dream:

I was on the beach sun bathing in my bikini. The sun was very bright and i had my sunglasses on. It was really quiet and peaceful and the beach was vacant. Someone came up from behind me and set a tray of food down by me. 

"You hungry?" the male voice asked

"Yeah." I sat up and took of my glasses. It was Justin!

"I got you our favorite, Spaghetti."

"MMM, Delicious." I picked up my fork and took a bite. 

"Do you wunna go inside? It's getting hot."

"Yeah, one minute." I walked into the cool, salty ocean in front of me. I was instantly relieved. I fealt so freee, and there was no one watching me accept for Justin. He came in with me and hugged me. 

"I love you, you know that right?" he asked

"Of course I do!" I kissed him. Justin kissed me back and splashed water in my face. "Ahhh!!!! Justin!!!" 

"Come and get me!!!" He swam around in circles making me chace him. I finally caught him by the hand. 

"Let's go inside now." We got out of the water and dried off. We turned around, hands together, walking up the hill to his beach house. 

I woke up in a panic. What was that about?! It was actually kinda sweet. Could this dream be a sign? 


Sorry it's so short! Go read my other story: Fall. If you have already read it there is a sequel: One love! PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!! AND RECOMEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU LIKE IT!!!!! Thanks, BieberKisses<3

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