A goat and his bird

En kærligheds historie om en ged, der møder en lille fugl.

A love story about a goat, who meets a small bird.


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In the beginning of spring, the sun wakes early and bright. The night dew had barely evaporated from the meadow grass, when Edith stepped out from his tiny shed, to have a morning snack.
Edith was an old male goat. He never really liked his name, but he had been dubbed by a little 4 year old girl with pig tails. He was given to her at her fourth birthday, but after the first few months of being her best friend, she lost interest and Edith was banished to share a tiny field with the Shetland ponies, somewhere behind the barn.

Edith loved to wake early and just sit in the moist air and listen to the birds beautiful morning tunes. He wasn't exactly an ornithologist, but he would still make an effort to figure out what type of bird had what call. Most of all, he would just sit and stare in amazement at the birds when they flew across the field.
Suddenly a tiny twitter from somewhere in the long grass snapped him out of his dreamy state. It came from somewhere close by.
It didn't take Edith long to spot a small fat bird with brown feathers behind a group of dandelions. He just stopped and stared. He had never been this close to a bird before.
"What are you looking at, long face?". The tiny bird made itself look big and poofy, trying to scare the goat off. But it really just made it look even fatter.
"Oh.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare. I just find you very interesting. What kind of bird are you?", Edith asked with his best and politest manners.
"I don't know. I'm a bird. We don't categorize ourselves. What kind of horse are you?". The tiny bird wasn't exactly in a very chatty mood.
"I'm not exactly a horse.. Or, at least I don't think I am.. How do you distinguish yourself from the other birds? You know.. when you have to find a mate or something?"
The tiny bird began flapping frustratingly with its wings, in a failed attempt to fly.
"I know him when I see him. Fat and brown. Like me", the bird answered.
"I'm fat and brown too, you know" said the goat, in a failed attempt to make a joke.
The bird froze for a moment, and then turned her head slowly, giving Edith the 'are you kidding me?' stare.
It made him very uncomfortable, so he backed up a few steps.
"I'm sorry.. its just... I really admire you birds for your wonderful ability to fly. I wish I could fly away from this place". He stared into the ground, scraping his hoof in the dirt. It was his life long dream. Or, at least ever since he got to this place.
"Well, the gate is open you know. I noticed on the way here.. before I crashed landed, that is..". Painfully, the bird tried to stretch her left wing.
Edith' face lit up like a bright summer sun.
"Really?! That's the best news ever! Thank you so much!" yelled the goat, already on his way to the gate.
Suddenly he stopped, and turned around, facing the tiny fat bird.
"But... Why aren't you flying?" he asked confused.
The bird gave him an annoyed stare for a while before answering;
"I crashed and hurt my wing, thank you very much for asking! I don't think its broken though, probably just needs a little res.."
"I'll take you with me! That's the least I could do! You can sit on my horn if you like." the goat interrupted, very excited.
"Nah, I'm not really sure that's a good ide.." before the bird could finish, Edith had scooped her up on one horn, and began trotting towards the open gate.

It didn't take long before they had left the estate, and now found themselves in the woods.
Edith was so full of joy and excitement that he made small jumps of joy as they walked along the dirt road. He had already forgotten his tiny passenger, the bird, that clinged desperately on to his horn, whenever he made a little twitch.
The sun peaked in between the branches of the enormously tall trees, and there were an intense smell of spring flowers in the air.
Within a few minutes they left the forest, only witnessed by two overweight squirrels.
There were huge grassy fields as long as the eye could see.
"There is a small town up ahead, if you'd like to go there" the bird tweeted.
"A town? What kind of stuff can we do there?" the goat asked.
"I don't know... They usually toss bread around whenever me and my friends are visiting."
"Sounds good to me!" said the goat with excitement, and continued along the dusty road.

One and a half hour later of trotting through the open landscape, the dirt road turned into asphalt, and houses began popping up along side the road. They had reached town.
"Where should we go now?" said Edith, so full of energy and happiness, he kept waving his head around, in the attempt to look at the bird who was sitting on his horn. Obviously, this was physically impossible, and the bird almost fell off.
"Oh.. I'm sorry" he said embarrassed when he realized what he was doing.
"It's okay. Go to the centre of the city, there's a park with a lake and ducks and stuff. They throw bread constantly at that place. We can get a bite to eat there".

Wondering eyes stared as they walked along the pavement. Even a car almost hit an old lady, because neither the driver nor the old lady could stop staring at the strange couple who was strolling down the street.
"Oh look! There it is!" yelled the tiny bird, pointing its beak at an open area, with short green grass, some shady trees and a couple of benches. And in the middle, a small pond inhabited by a handful of ducks and an grumpy looking swan.
"I seriously hate that guy, man" said the bird, shaking her head in frustration.
"Who?" Edith asked. He hadn't seen any such creatures before, and he was pretty sure he knew all the birds in the world.
"The swan. He thinks he owns this place, scaring everyone away, just to get all the fresh bread crumbs to himself".
Edith didn't really listen. He had already spotted a father and a young boy tossing bread to a few ducks, and a seagull who just happened to be passing by,
The tiny bird were still talking about how mean the swan was, and was pretty surprised when Edith suddenly began to sprint towards the man and the boy.
The ducks (and a seagull) flapped their wings in fright and ran off into the lake, when the goat started trampling towards them. Only the seagull actually managed to take off in flight.
"Let's eat!" said the goat, cramming his mouth full of bread. The bird jumped from his head on to the grass and began to nibble at the few crumbs the goat hadn't swallowed yet.
This was the first time since this morning Edith had a proper chance to take a good long look at his tiny companion. He was a great admirer of birds, and even though she had the dullest coat ever seen on a bird, for a moment it actually seem like the most beautiful combination of dark brown, white, light brown and a tiny bit of grey that he had ever seen.
And that tiny little beak. It kind of glimpsed in the sun when she nibbled small pieces of crumbs from what seemed to be a big lump of bread, compared to her body size.
That cute little beak, began hopping towards the staring goat.
"Are you going to eat that?" she asked, nodding her head in the direction of a few chunks of bread laying in front of him.
"Oh, no! Please, it's all yours!". He turned against the two people, hoping they would throw some more bread, but they hadn't done anything but to stare puzzled at the goat the past few minutes.
However, the little boy was considering what it would be like to pet the goat, but his father just continued to stare, until suddenly he panicky grabbed his son, and began to run away.
Edith barely got the chance to turn his head, when he suddenly heard a loud hissing coming from behind him.
"Oh crap!" cried the tiny bird, and the next moment a huge swan stood in front of them, flapping its large wings making enough wind force to blow the tiny bird into the air.
Only for half a second, Edith tried to figure out what kind of bird this were, but the other half made him realize that this was probably not the best time, and the next thing he knew, he was running with all his strength.
The tiny bird only just managed to get into the air, with a few weak flaps of her wings, and the help from the winds created by the angry swan. She soared just long enough to reach Edith and grab hold on a lock of his fur.

When they were done running, Edith sat down next to a fire hydrant to catch his breath.
"Now what? I'm still a bit hungry actually" the goat moaned.
"There's a supermarket not far from here. I've been told that this is where they get their bread from." The bird tried to stretch her wing again. It was only a bit sore this time.
"Then lets go to the supermarket!". Edith jumped up on all four again, and began walking in a random direction, hoping it was the right one.

Luckily it was.
Dull and impersonal music were playing from some low quality speakers hidden in the store corners. Edith was very impressed by this strange place, and hardly noticed all the costumers who nearly tripped over themselves, because they couldn't help but stare at the goat with the bird on its horn, who just walked into the store like nothing happened.
"Look! Over there! Between the shelf and the fat kid! BREAD!" screamed the tiny bird with her small squeaky voice.
Edith ran straight towards it, bumping shopping carts and fat children out of the way. He didn't have time to notice the plastic bag the bread was wrapped in, and just began to munch.
Then suddenly a tall man stomped at them, with his arms stretched far out, waving and yelling in a loud and deep voice, in the attempt to chase them away.
"Not this again!" thought Edith to himself, running wildly out of the store.

They took a rest at a bus stop, unknowingly that there were actually a bus line heading in the direction of Edith' home.
They had tried roaming through a few trash cans on the way there, but hadn't found anything but old newspapers and empty bottles.
"Well, this sure have been an exciting and enriching day, don't you think?!". The goat had a huge smile on his face, glaring the small bird who sat on the edge of the bench.
"It's barely been a day. It's not even noon yet" the bird answered emotionless.
"Well... It feels like forever when I'm with you, you know." Edith' big grin turned into a shy smile.
The bird looked at him with a strange expression.
Edith paused for a moment. They both starred at each other.
"I ... I love you" mumbled Edith somewhat loudly, turning his head shy at the ground.
The bird exhaled a deep sigh.
"That's it, I'm out of here." said the fat little bird, flapped her wings and took off.

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