You'll be there, right?

Lanie (Lay Lay) Gray is a normal 19 year old girl who happens to be best friends with Niall Horan from One Direction. Thanks to Niall, she has somewhere to live, because her family, well, all that's left is her mother. Thankfully, her friends Victoria (Tori) Davis, Allyson (Ally) Miller, and Chloe Elizabeth (Lizzie) Monroe are there for her. And as for her mother, Alice, well she is awful. She wants to get Lanie, because she hated her family. Lanie ran away months before, but she determined to find her. Will she? Will the boys protect her? Who will fall for her? What about their tour, will she be safe then? Read and find out:)


2. Poor Lou

Niall's POV:
I'm so done with Louis. How could he flirt with Lanie right in front of me? But when she kissed me. Oh my Gosh. I felt sparks. I want to ask her on a date so bad. But Louis is in the way. Anyway, hopefully Louis will remember to go to the store later. Then I'll have Lanie. I need to ask her on a date before Louis gets ahold of her. When he leaves, I'll ask her. Yeah. That's gonna work. I hope. I'm getting excited already.

Louis's POV:
I can't believe I told Niall I like Lanie. I know Eleanor would be devestated if she found out I was trying to flirt with her. I just don't know who I like, or even love, more. They are both sweet and great girls. Eleanor is very pretty, but Lanie, well she's gorgeous. I need to take a breather. I'm going to check twitter. So I sit down on the couch and get on twitter. Aww the fans are so sweet. Wait, what's this? "Louis! I think Eleanor is cheating on you! she was with another guy at a club last night!" a fan said. No. I can't be. I'm calling her.
"He-Hello?" she stutters. "Eleanor! I have a question." "Oh no. It's about last night, is-isn't it?" "What happened. Tell me now." "Lou, I didn't mean too! I was drunk." "What happened?" "L-Lou, please don't hate me." "Please, tell me now." "Lou, I slept with him." "YOU WHAT?!" "I told you Lou I was drunk! I'm so sorry!" "Save it, it's over. How could you?" "No, please Lou." "I'm sorry, El. It's over." I hung up. How could she? I need to talk to someone.

Lanie's POV:
"Hey Lay? Can I talk to you in private?" Louis asked sadly. "Sure, Lou," I said. He sounds upset. I wonder what's wrong. We walk into his room and he locks the door. "Lay, this is serious. Please don't laugh if I cry," He started tearing up. "Oh no Lou! Of course I won't laugh at you!" I slightly grinned to him. "Okay, well On twitter, a fan told me Eleanor cheated on me," he cried. "Oh no Lou, I'm sorry," I whispered to him. "Thanks, Lay. I called her to see if it was really true. And well, she told me that sh-she slept with him," and he bursted into tears. "Lou, I'm so sorry," I started to tear up myself. he looked up. "No, Lay don't cry," he cried. He got up and hugged me. I hugged him back, feeling his tears falling down my shirt. Once he let go, he looked at me dead in the eye. Then, he started to lean in. I couldn't help myself, so I did also. I felt his breath against my lips. Then, his lips softly pressed against mine. I kissed him back, and I felt him smile. I smiled too. I pulled away. "Are you better now?" I asked. "Yes. Very much better," he smiled. I smiled back. I wiped away his tears, kissed his cheek, and went to the door. Louis grabbed my hand. "Wait, Lay. I know this is fast, but will you go on a date with me?" He asked hopefully. "Sure, Lou. I'd love to," I giggled. He pulled me closer and kissed my again, lightly. I pulled away and walked to the door. "How about dinner tonight?" He asked. "Defiantly," I grinned. "Lets not tell Niall, okay?" he added. "Yeah I think that will be better anyway," I said and walked out. Oh my Lord I'm so excited. Wait. What would happen if Niall found out? Oh Lord I hope he doesn't mind. He won't mind, right?

Niall's POV:
Where are Lanie and Louis? Oh there's Lanie coming down the hallway. Why does she have this huge smile on her face. Oh no. "Hey Lay Lay! What's with the huge smile?" I tried to ask without sounding to suspicious. "Oh nothing," she said dropping the smile and walking away quickly. I grabbed her wrist slightly. "Lanie, I can tell when you're lying. What's going on?" I asked. "Nothing Niall! You can believe me right?" She smirked. "I guess so," I sighed. "Thank you Niall," she said and kissed my cheek. I love it when she does that. She is so amazing. I know she's still hiding something.
Louis just walked out with the same expression on his face. "What are you so grinny for?" I asked. "Oh it's nothing, mate," he still smiled and walked away. I'm getting really suspicious now. Something is going on with Lanie and Louis. This is not going to be good.
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