You'll be there, right?

Lanie (Lay Lay) Gray is a normal 19 year old girl who happens to be best friends with Niall Horan from One Direction. Thanks to Niall, she has somewhere to live, because her family, well, all that's left is her mother. Thankfully, her friends Victoria (Tori) Davis, Allyson (Ally) Miller, and Chloe Elizabeth (Lizzie) Monroe are there for her. And as for her mother, Alice, well she is awful. She wants to get Lanie, because she hated her family. Lanie ran away months before, but she determined to find her. Will she? Will the boys protect her? Who will fall for her? What about their tour, will she be safe then? Read and find out:)


1. Everything About Me

Lanie's POV:
"LAYYYY LAYYYY!!!! GET UPPPPPP!!!!" one of my best friends, Niall Horan (yes from One Direction), screamed to me at the top of his lungs. Sadly, this happens EVERY morning. "COMING NIALLLL!!" I screamed to him. I smelled the food and bolted down the stairs. "Finally Lanie! I need help with breakfast!" Niall said with a smile. "Don't worry, I'm here," I commented. He had a massive grin plastered on his face. "What are you so happy about?" I said grinning. "Oh nothing, it's just that YOUR BIRTHDAY IS NEXT WEEK! You're gonna be 19, you're growing up so fast," he said wiping a fake tear. "Oh blah blah yeah and yes I'm extremely excited!" I said jumping up and down. "I'm going to take you to a FANCY restaurant for lunch," he said smiling, "is that alright?" "Yeah! But no partyyyyyy?" I asked with my puppy dog face. "Haha and not sure, I'll find out though," Niall said with a slight smirk. He's hiding something, I just don't know what.

Niall's POV:
Good! She has no idea. Tori, Lizzie, Ally, the boys, and I are planning a surprise party here. That's why I'm taking her to lunch. And it's her birthday of course, and I would never tell her this, but I started having small feelings for her since the beginning. And now, since I know almost everything about her, I have strong feelings for her. But I can't tell her, it might ruin our friendship. I haven't told anyone, not even the boys. And the fact that she lives with me.... wow. Anyway, I need to talk to everyone and tell them about the plan.
"Hey Lanie! I'm gonna go get the others for breakfast, okay?" I whispered to her from the dining room. "Okie dokie! I've gotta get a shower anyway," she whispered back. "Alright!" I smiled. Here we go. I go for Louis first.
"LOU LOU!!! TIME TO WAKE UPPPP!" I yelled to him. He got up and stretched. "Oh and Lou, can you go to the store and get the supplies for the party? Just don't let her see them, okay?" I said quickly, making sure Lanie didn't hear. Louis answered, "Yeah! I'm so excited about the party! Lanie is finally 19, wow. I bet she'll look gorgeous." I cut him off, "Woahhhh dude, you like Lanie." "Wait, did I say that out loud? Crap." he mumbled. "Louis, you have a girlfriend for crying out loud! What would Eleanor say if I told her what you just said." "No please! I'm sorry, it kinda slipped out. Why do you care anyway?" "Because she is my best friend! So keep your TAKEN hands away from her!" "I know you like her, just calm do bro. You can have her," he said with a rude expression. "For now," I heard him mumble under his breath. Then he walked out of the room. He's so dead.

Lanie's POV:
I heard Niall yelling at one of the boys this morning.. What's up with him? I swear I heard my name, but I doubt it. I think it was Louis. Anyway, I get out of the shower quickly. I wrap a towel around me and crack the door, making sure the coast is clear. I sprint to mine and Niall's room. Yes, we stay in the same room, but we have our own beds. Queen beds, too. Of course, Niall was in the room. He turned around and jumped. He turned back around. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know," He said worryingly. "It's fine, Niall! You didn't know! Now get out," I said with a grin. He smirks at me and walks out, slapping my bum and running down the hallway. "Niall!" I said slamming the door. I heard him laughing. Of course, the same jokester Niall. I quickly get dressed in sweatpants and a t shirt and run downstairs to say hey to the boys. "HELLOOO BOYSSS," I said with my arms stretched out. "LAYYY LAYYY!!" they all yelled. They ran over and hugged me. "Haha guys," I giggled. "GUESS WHO'S GONNA BE THE BIRTHDAY GIRL SOON???" Louis shouted. "MEEEEEE!!" I shouted back. Everyone laughed except NIall, who looked really annoyed. I walk over to him. "Hey are you alright?" "Yeah, I'm fine," he said gritting his teeth. "Doesn't seem like it, Ni. You sure?" "Yes Lay Lay I'm fine," he showed a small smile. "There's that smile," I said. I kissed his cheek lightly and went back to the boys. I looked back at Niall. He had the biggest grin on his face. Does he like me? I don't know. I kinda want him to I guess. I mean, he saved my life! It was when I was about to turn 16.
"You sure you'll be alright?" Niall said with worry in his voice. "Yes Niall, they won't hurt me, I hope," then I got out of the car and walked to the door. I turned to see if Niall had left, which he hadn't. I just turned back around and knocked on the door. My mother slammed the door open and threw me inside. I heard the car door slam. "Where the heck did you go??" my mother screamed at me. Bear bottles were everywhere. Oh great, she's drunk. "I went to Niall's party. You told me I could go, remember?" I said. "No I don't remember!" "Well, it must've been when you were sober" I said under my breath. "What did you say?!?!" She screamed. Then, she slapped me across the face. I heard banging on the door. "ALICE OPEN THE DOOR OR I'LL CALL THE COPS!!!" Niall. Thank you Lord he stayed. "GO AHEAD! I ALREADY GOT RID OF MIKE!" she screamed. Daddy is dead. Why? I thought she loved him. "Why did you kill daddy?" "Because I was tired of my family, and guess what? You're the only one left," she pulled out a knife. Suddenly, the door bursted open and cops surrounded my mother and pegged her to the ground. Niall ran inside. I rushed over to him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close. He was protecting me. Then, my mother was taken to jail.
That was the worst day of my life. Ever since that day, I started to get feelings for Niall. He was so protective of me. He would be such an amazing boyfriend. I would never tell him that. I have feelings for another boy, too. But if i dated him, Niall would be devastated. And so would I.
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