You'll be there, right?

Lanie (Lay Lay) Gray is a normal 19 year old girl who happens to be best friends with Niall Horan from One Direction. Thanks to Niall, she has somewhere to live, because her family, well, all that's left is her mother. Thankfully, her friends Victoria (Tori) Davis, Allyson (Ally) Miller, and Chloe Elizabeth (Lizzie) Monroe are there for her. And as for her mother, Alice, well she is awful. She wants to get Lanie, because she hated her family. Lanie ran away months before, but she determined to find her. Will she? Will the boys protect her? Who will fall for her? What about their tour, will she be safe then? Read and find out:)


3. Double Date?

Niall's POV:
Lanie and Louis look like they're in a trance. They kept glancing at each other, smiling, and looking back down. I need to find out what is going on, and fast. "Hey Lay Lay, we need to talk," I said seriously. "Oh, okay," she stuttered. She glanced back at Louis. He gave her a thumbs up. What was that supposed to mean? Ugh I'm annoyed. "Yes Niall?" she asked trying to be innocent. "What's going on with you and Lou?" I growled. "Nothing," she said quickly. "Lanie, I know you're lying. I can tell by the way you two look at each other," I said. "Okay fine, but if I tell you, don't tell Louis I told you, okay?" "Okay. Tell me." "Louis asked me out on a date tonight." she smiled. "WHAT?!" I yelled. "Calm down Niall! You aren't my father," she argued and walked away to Louis. I'm furious. I told Louis not to do this. Wait! I've got a plan. "Hey Lou!" I yelled. "What's up Ni?" "So, you and Lanie are going out tonight, huh?" "Who told you?" "Oh I just overheard, anyway, do you think me and a friend of mine can come with you two tonight? It can be a double date!" "Uh, hold on, let me ask Lanie," he said. He ran over to Lanie. I couldn't her them, but I saw Lanie nod. Yes! Louis ran back. "She said that's fine. Who is the girl anyway?" "Oh it's a surprise. You'll find out tonight, okay?" "Sure man," he said. then he walked back to Lanie and kissed her cheek. He is trying to make me jealous. Well, later I will have my revenge.
I walked into my room and found my phone. I picked it up and found her contact. I dialed the number. It was ringing. "Hello?" she said. "Eleanor? It's me, Niall. I'm sorry about you and Louis," "Oh it's okay," I could tell she had been crying. "Hey, do you want to go to dinner with me tonight? It's gonna be a double date," "I'd love to Niall! ho else will be going?" Uh, Lanie and Louis." "Oh Niall, I don't know...." I interrupted, "Do you want Louis back?" "Yes! I love him..." "Okay then, I can help you. I have a plan." "I'm listening," she said. So I told her the plan. She understands me and I told her about my feelings for Lanie. "So you can be my pretend girlfriend until Louis wants you back, you like it?" "Love it. Hope it works," she said. "Oh it has to," I said mischievously. "Haha okay Niall. See you tonight," she said. "Okay El! You too! Bye 'girlfriend'", I exaggerated. "Haha bye 'boyfriend'" she said like I did. I laughed and hung up. This is going to be good.

Lanie's POV:
Okay, Niall has a date now? When did this happen? Anyway, I'm gonna need help getting ready. I need the girls. Guys can't help me get ready! I'm gonna call Tori so she can round up the girls.
"Tori! I need your's, Ally's, and Lizzie's makeup skills stat!" I yelled into the phone. "Wait, why's that?" she questioned. "Well I have a date." A DATE?!?! Who with?" "Louis," I giggled. "AAAHHH!" she screamed. "What?" "I knew you had feelings for him." "Yeah but some others are coming..." "Oooo double date. Who else?" "Niall and some mystery girl." "Oh no. You still have feeling for him?" "Uh, major. But, I like Louis, too. But not as much as Niall. I don't know..." "Hey, don't worry. The guy of your dreams will find you. Promise." "Thanks Tori, anyway can you round up the girls at your house and help me?" "Sure love! Come on over and bring the dresses!" "Okay see you in 5." "Bye Lay!" "Bye!" and I hung up. "Hey Lou! I'm going to Tori's for a little while. Can you pick me up from their for the date?" I asked him. "Sure babe. Fine with me," he smiled. I pecked his cheek, packed up my dresses, and headed for Tori's house.
I drove to Tori's house quickly. I pulled into her driveway and I only saw her car. I grabbed the dresses and rushed inside. I knocked on the door. Tori opened the door and hugged me. "Lay I'm so excited for you!" she squealed. "Thanks Tori. Where are the others?" I asked. "Just got finished talking to Ally. Ally is going to pick up Lizzie and right now they are on the way," she screamed excitedly. We jumped up and down. Suddenly, Lizzie and Ally bursted through the door. "YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE WITH LOUIS!" they screamed at the same time. "I KNOW!" I screamed back. We all started jumping up and down. "Okay, back to reality. I need everyone's help!" I screamed. "We're here for you, babe!" Ally said. "Thank The Lord," I giggled. "First, we pick out a dress," Lizzie said happily.
It took a while, but we finally found my dress. It is a baby blue strapless dress with tiny white polka dots. It was kind of short, about mid thigh. I also have brown knee high boots with a little bow at the top. I put it on to show the girls. "LANIE GRAY THAT OUTFIT IS SO FETCH," Ally screamed. "I KNOW RIGHT," I screamed back. "Oh wait! I have something else!" Tori said. She ran to her closet and pulled out a short sleeve khaki jacket. I put it on. "Perfect!" Tori cheered. "Okay girls! Time for her makeup!" Lizzie squealed. So they dragged me to the bathroom and started immediately. Tori started with my foundation. Then Lizzie went for the bottom part of my face, and Ally the top. Ally put a baby blue eyeshadow on me. It was almost the same color as my dress! Once they finished, I looked amazing! "Girls, you guys are amazing!" I screamed. "Well thank you!" they said at the same time. Creepy. Anyway, as soon as they put the last touches on my makeup, the doorbell rang. The girls screamed. "Shhhh!" I giggled. I got my bag and bolted to the door before the others did. They were hot on my tail. "Back off!" I joked. They walked back a couple steps. I opened the door. There was very handsome Louis Tomlinson standing right in front of me. "Hello babe," Louis said hugging me. "Hey Lou," I smiled. "Ready to go?" he said grabbing my hand. "Yes Lou, lets go!" I giggled squeezing his hand. HE laughed and walked me to the car. I saw the girl watching us from Tori's bedroom window. They waved. I waved back and got into the car. "So, where are we going?" I asked. "You'll see," he smiled while pulling out of the drive way. Then we headed down the street. I can't wait to see what he has planned!
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