Earth, Fire, Water and Air (1D Fan Fic)

Based loosely on the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Allana is an Air Bender. She controls air. The boys are also Benders. Niall=Fire. Louis=Earth. Liam=Air. Zayn=Water. Harry=Earth. It is very rare for two Air Benders to be born in the same century. Even more rare, both Allana and Liam are Avatars. They can Bend all the Elements. What happens when they meet?


6. Why don't you trust me?

*A/N: In the last chapter, Allana was in Liam's room while he was on the couch. Just thought I would clear that up. How do you like the cover? And does anyone know how to make a trailer?*


*Allana's P.O.V.*


 I wake up due to a loud crashing in another room. There are people fighting. Noise tends to scare me, especially raised voices. I look around and notice a door. I grab the blanket and run towards it, finding a closet. I close the door, huddling under the large blanket. It's Liam and the Fire Bender, Niall. I hear their yelled conversation, even through two closed doors.




 Why would you think that?

 *You don't know her Liam. She is only going to be trouble*

 You don't know her either. She's alone, she's scared. She needs for someone to care.

 *She could be scamming us. Using us for our fame.*

 She showed us, Niall!

 *That can be faked.*

 Just try and trust her!


 Fine. But I do. And I'm going to care for her.

 *End of Conversation*


 Fame? They're famous? Liam's voice brakes me out of my thoughts.

"Lana? Where are you?" He sounds worried. "In the closet," I call. He opens the door and gives me a strange look. "Yelling and loud noises tend to frighten me," I explain in a soft whisper. "I'm so sorry, Lana. We shouldn't have been yelling. He just doesn't trust you. It made me angry," he says. "It's okay. You're famous?" "Yup. One Direction." "Oh." He lifts me up, making me giggle. He spins around, then sets me on the bed. "Tell me about your dream," he whispers. And so, I tell him. Every detail. He's in tears by the time I finish. "Liam? You okay?" Instead of answering, he pulls me in for a tight hug. He tucks his head into the crook of my neck and sobs quietly. I rub his back, startled at how hard he is crying. "Liam, why are you crying so hard?," I ask. "You are so easily scared and I know why now. You've always been alone, no one ever cared about you but your parents. Can I promise you something?" I nod. "I promise to never let you feel alone again. I promise to take care of you. Do you accept my promise?" By now, I am crying too. "Of course, Liam," I whisper, wiping the tears off my face. I stand and walk to the door. "I'm going to speak with Niall."

*A few wrong hallways later*

 "Niall?," I whisper. He looks at me, angry. "Why are you talking to me?," he asks rudely. "I have a question." "Ask away." "Why don't you trust me?," I ask, my voice trembling slightly. He lets out a cold laugh as he stands. "Why would I? Answer me that, eh? Why would I trust someone who is here to use us for our fame? Someone who was acting like a slut at a club? Answer me those questions!" By now he is yelling. "None of those things are true," I whisper, tears pouring down my face. "Yes! They are!" "Stop! You're scaring me!," I scream. Niall's face flashes with anger. "Do NOT tell me what to do!" He slaps me just as the door opens. "Niall!," four voices yell. Louis and Zayn run to my side, trying to comfort me. Harry simply walks to Niall and claps him on the back, smiling. Liam shoves Niall against the wall. "If you EVER," he snarls, "touch her again, I will END you!" With that, he throws Niall down, and Zayn scoops me up. They carry me to the room I was in before. Zayn sets me on the bed and he and Louis exit. I sob into the sheets until Liam walks over. "I'm so, so sorry, Lana. I shouldn't have let you go. This is all my-" I cut him off. "If you finish that sentence, you will burst into flames." He chuckles. He sits on the bed and grabs my shoulder softly, rolling me over to face him. Loud crashes sound from Niall's room. I whimper. "C'mon," Liam says. He grabs my hand and pulls me to the window. "Where are we going?," I ask. "Out."


*A/N: Errrrrrrrrmmmmyyyyyygooooosssshhh!!!!! I died writing this chapter. Even though they are not reading this, I have to apologize. I'M SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing against Niall or Harry. I promise. Niall is my favorite member of the band. Once again, I'm sorry. Bye, bloodsuckers! <3 <3 

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