Earth, Fire, Water and Air (1D Fan Fic)

Based loosely on the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Allana is an Air Bender. She controls air. The boys are also Benders. Niall=Fire. Louis=Earth. Liam=Air. Zayn=Water. Harry=Earth. It is very rare for two Air Benders to be born in the same century. Even more rare, both Allana and Liam are Avatars. They can Bend all the Elements. What happens when they meet?


8. Re-written.

Okay. I'm sorry to the people who like this story, but I was reading over it. It's one, BIG, mess. Therefore (BIG word), I am re-writing this story. I'll leave this up until tomorrow. Sorry!

~IchallengeNiall (Skylar)

P.S. If anyone has fanned me on Tommalrecikharis, fan me on this account. K?

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