Earth, Fire, Water and Air (1D Fan Fic)

Based loosely on the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Allana is an Air Bender. She controls air. The boys are also Benders. Niall=Fire. Louis=Earth. Liam=Air. Zayn=Water. Harry=Earth. It is very rare for two Air Benders to be born in the same century. Even more rare, both Allana and Liam are Avatars. They can Bend all the Elements. What happens when they meet?


3. Impossible

 *Still Allana's P.O.V.*

 "H-how," Louis stutters, staring at me. I open my mouth to answer, but, suddenly my bones are being crushed. Liam has me in a hug, and he lifts me up and spins me around. "Finally! I'm not alone!," he screams, setting me down and smiling breathlessly. "How?," Louis repeats himself. "I'm an Air Bender. But, I'm also an Avatar," I state smartly. The Fire Bender, Niall, walks forward and looks into my eyes, seeing if I was lying. Did I forget to mention that some Fire Benders can read emotions? He could tell I wasn't, so he backed away, giving me the Evil Eye. I haven't gotten the Evil Eye for at least 3 months now. The Evil Eye is this look, only Benders can use it to its full extent. The purpose is to break down a person's confidence, so that if they somehow manage to trick an emotion reading Fire Bender, they break down. Very unpleasant. "Cut it out, Nialler," Zayn, the Water Bender, says. Liam comes up and puts an arm around my shoulders. Usually, I would tense up, but this time I don't. If anything, I want to lean closer. "You look tired, um, uh......" Liam struggles, trying to remember my name. I haven't told him yet. "Allana, and yes I am," I respond quietly, trying to stifle a yawn. He chuckles, then picks me up, carrying me bridal style. Most people would either burst into flames or be blown away by now. Not Liam. I feel like he is special, like we have a connection. So, instead of jumping up and running away, I snuggle further into his strong, comfortable chest. Wonder what I'll dream of tonight.

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