Earth, Fire, Water and Air (1D Fan Fic)

Based loosely on the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Allana is an Air Bender. She controls air. The boys are also Benders. Niall=Fire. Louis=Earth. Liam=Air. Zayn=Water. Harry=Earth. It is very rare for two Air Benders to be born in the same century. Even more rare, both Allana and Liam are Avatars. They can Bend all the Elements. What happens when they meet?


7. Ich Liebe Dich

*Still Allana's P.O.V.*

 "Thank you, Liam," I say as I lick my ice cream. "My pleasure," he smiles. So far, we've gone shopping, fed turtles, and bought ice cream. Now we were going to a firework show. We have to be very careful. We are in non-Bender territory. Liam slips his hand in mine, intertwining our fingers. My heartbeat gets out of control. Why? I sneak a glance at him and he is blushing. I smile slightly. We reach the lake and find a hidden spot in a group of trees, where we could still see the sky. We sit on the grass and kill time by telling jokes. After a while, we stop laughing, staring into each others eyes. He lifts his hand and brushes my honey hair behind my ear. His hand lingers on the back of my neck and he begins leaning in. Without realizing, I lean is as well. He stops, our lips almost touching. "I won't do this unless you want me to," he whispers, his warm breath flowing over my lips. "Shut up and kiss me." He chuckles, and in seconds, his lips are in mine. My world instantly explodes. And, ironically, so does the sky. The moment our lips touch, the firework show starts. But we don't care. His hands slip to my waist as mine slip around his neck. My stomach erupts in butterflies. His tongue slides against my bottom lip and I don't hesitate to let him in. We fall over, him over me. He rolls so that I'm on top of him. His hands slide down to my hips as he pulls me closer and closer, until we are practically glued together. We pull away, gazing into each other's eyes. "Wow," Liam whispers. I giggle. "Did you?," he questions. I nod. He felt them too! He laughs, sitting up. Seeing as I'm straddling him, I blush and go to move off his lap, but he holds my hips, keeping me there. "No," he says. "I like this. It feels right." I bury my face into the crook of his neck to hide my dark red face. "Lana?" Yes, Liam?" "Be mine?," he whispers into my ear. I look into his eyes for any sign of this being a joke, but all I see is hope, adoration, and affection. "Of course." His smile is amazingly bright as he hugs me, kissing my cheek. "Thank you!!" He leans in to kiss me again, but is interrupted by his phone. He answers. "Hello. She's with me. No! I will not say that! No! You

little-" I grab the phone from his hand. "What ever needs to be said to me, tell me yourself." "Fine. I've called the non-Benders. They'll be here within the hour." It's Harry. "Why?" "Apparently, you're a wanted criminal now." "WHAT?! WHY?!," I scream, drawing stares. "Remember that man from the club? He's dead. And now, the non- Benders received an anonymous tip of who did it and where they are staying." With that, he hangs up. I fall to the ground, sobbing. "Lana! What did he say?" "I'll tell you after you answer a question of mine." "Of course," Liam says, sounding upset. "What did he want you to tell me?" Liam doesn't answer. "ANSWER ME!," I yell. He looks at me, tears in his eyes. "He told me to tell you that you weren't worth anything to me, and then I wouldn't be arrested for assisting a murderer. But it would be a lie. I told you I'd never let you feel alone again. And now, you're mine." "Liam," I said softly. "Yes?" "Ich Liebe Dich."

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