Earth, Fire, Water and Air (1D Fan Fic)

Based loosely on the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Allana is an Air Bender. She controls air. The boys are also Benders. Niall=Fire. Louis=Earth. Liam=Air. Zayn=Water. Harry=Earth. It is very rare for two Air Benders to be born in the same century. Even more rare, both Allana and Liam are Avatars. They can Bend all the Elements. What happens when they meet?


1. Allana Hope

Hiya! My name is Allana Hope. Interesting. I know. Anyway, I'm an Air Bender. I control the Air. And no, I don't use a bunch of weird hand movements. I just think of what I want it to do, and it does it. I'm also an Avatar. I can control all four Elements. Well, all five. The fifth is Metal Bending. Only I can do that. As far as I know, there is only one other Air Bender alive. He's an Avatar, too. I have to find him. Ever since my parents were killed, it's been my life goal to find him. Well, back to my description. I look really different from other girls. My hair is the color of honey, my eyes the color of blood. My lips are my most unique feature. They are a soft blue, like frost on a windowpane. I am 17. That is a really long life for an Avatar. The other guy is 19. His friends are Benders, too, I think. Anyways, that is me. Good Bye! <3 <3

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