C'est La Vie

HIM: Niall James Horan. Irish. Boyband member. My best friend. The guy I am hopelessly in love with. All rolled up into one.
ME: Maxime Adelina Mercer. American, but of French descent (cue to my name, in case you couldn’t tell). Personal trainer/physical therapist for previously mentioned boyband. Eternally friendzoned.

Will Niall ever see me as more than just a friend? Or is this just the life I'm destined to live? Being friendzoned by the boy who means more than the world to me.

Find out more in "C'est La Vie"


12. Fake Drunk For The Win


"Max! Max open the door for Christ's sake!" 

"Yeah, come on Max you're being ridiculous."

"Fuck you!" I slurred back to my friends on the other side of the door.

The boys' meeting ended probably about ten minutes ago, I'm not really sure. Not that I really give a fuck.

About an hour ago, when I ran away from Harry like the little bitch that I am, I made my way to my room and very happily opened up the hotel room's mini bar. Now I have no idea what I'm drinking but I really don't give a fuck, because I'm tipsy. Not wasted quite yet, but tipsy enough.

"Max are you drinking?" Sandy's voice asked through the door.

Jesus how many of those twats were out in the hallway?

I giggled and sat down on the floor against my bed, open bottle in my hand. 

"Maybe!" I yelled back.

I heard a collective groan on the other side of the door and laughed even harder.

"Alright fuck this, I'm going to get a key from the lobby." I heard Niall say to someone.

"No!" I shouted, managing to stand up somehow. "No, wait!" 

I stumbled over to the door and had to try three times to open it, so I was laughing when it finally swung open.

My laughter faded almost immediately though when I saw their faces. 

Niall, Harry, Liam, Sandy, and Josh staring at me with serious looks on their faces. The back of my mind wondered why it was just three of the boys and two of the band, but I definitely wasn't going to ask.

Niall was leaning against the doorway, with his arms crossed, glaring at me. Liam, Sandy, and Josh were behind him, and Harry was on the other side of the door, closest to me, his hands stuffed in his pockets awkwardly.

"Well hellooooo boys." I said in a posh voice, giggling again. 

Niall glanced down to the bottle in my hand. "Jesus Christ Max, give me that." He said, reaching out for the bottle.

"No!" I shouted, pulling away from him and holding the bottle to my chest. "Why are you guys even here?" I mumbled.

I was acting more drunk than I actually was just so maybe they would think I was too unreasonable, and they would leave so I could actually get drunk and wallow in my own self pity. 

I'm basically a genius.

Liam sighed. "Because we love and care about you." He said bluntly. I looked at him with narrowed eyes suspiciously.

"And because you're a fucking lunatic when you get upset." Josh weighed in with a chuckle.

"Hey." I said pointedly. "I...am not upset."

Harry laughed. "Yeah and that's why you're drunk out of your mind."

I snapped my head to him and glared.

Who did he think he was? Oh look at me, I'm Harry Styles, I can make you hate me, then kiss you randomly, then tell you lies about your best friend, then say I love you when I think you aren't listening. Stupid twat.

"Did you just call me a twat?" Harry asked incredulously.

Fuck. I said that out loud.

"Ugh, will you guys just leave me alooooone." I asked, elongating the word dramatically. "I just want to drink and eat ice cream by myself." I said, throwing out my arms and marching back into the room.

"Oh no, there's no way I'm leaving you here when you're wasted." Niall said, walking into my room behind me. He reached out and grabbed the bottle out of my hand as my back was turned to him.


"Nuh-uh, you're done for the night, we have to get up early tomorrow." Niall cut me off as I spun around to face him. I looked past him and saw that the other boys were stepping into the room as well.

I groaned dramatically, flinging myself backwards onto my bed. 

"Fine, I won't drink anymore. But just go away, please." I muttered, pressing the heel of my palms to my eyes.

"We can't just leave you alone." Sandy muttered.

Wordlessly, I stuck up my middle finger in the air.

"Wow Max, real mature." He muttered, making me giggle again.

"Babe one of us has to stay with you, so either pick someone or we'll all stay." Liam said matter-of-factly.

I groaned and sat up, looking at my options.

"You," I said, pointing at Liam, "will be mean to me. And you two," I pointed at Sandy and Josh, "will wanna ask me questions and shit and I'm too drunk for that." I slurred, making it more believable that I was totally wasted. The three of them rolled their eyes at me.

"And you," I said pointedly, glaring at Harry. His eyes got wide. "I'm mad at you, so if you stay I'll kill you."

"Max please don't be mad at me, I--"

"Shutup Harry." Niall cut him off sharply. A tense silence came over the room and I felt my drunken fog starting to lift. He turned to me. "So are you saying you want me to stay with you?" He asked, his voice soft and gentle.

I sighed. "Well no, I don't want you to, but you're the best I've got." I said with a shrug, flinging myself back on the bed once again.

"Well that's settled then, let's get out of here." I heard Liam say. "Niall we've got to be on the bus at 7."

"Alright, we'll be there." Niall replied. I knew he sat down beside me on the bed when it sank down a bit.

"Wait what?" Harry said. "No you can't just leave them here Liam, she--"

"Get out of here Harry, I think you've done enough!" Niall shouted, making me flinch. 

I'd never heard him so angry, let alone towards one of his best friends.

The room went silent and I knew that Niall and I were alone when the door clicked shut. I heard Niall sigh, he sounded exhausted. He laid down beside me, our arms touching. I reached down and intertwined our fingers, not saying anything. 

This was home for me. Over the past eight months with these five idiots, this is what I loved the most. Just laying here, with my best friend in the whole world. No matter how in love with Niall I am, he is always my best friend first. And no matter how mad he is at me, how mad I am at Harry, or how mad the fans are at our friendship, this will always be us. Just laying together, hand-in-hand. This unbreakable bond that I couldn't even begin to explain if I tried. I may have never had a real family back home in the States, but I've found my family in Niall and the people on this tour.

Well if that train of thought wasn't enough to sober me up, I don't know what is.

Without a word, I rolled over and laid my head on Niall's chest, wrapping my arm around him. He reciprocated, throwing his arm around my waist and taking a deep breath.

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

"Yeah I know babe. Me too." He replied, lightly pressing his lips to the top of my head.

It was quiet for another moment.

"I don't like Harry that way." I finally spat out. I felt Niall's body tense up underneath me. "He just told me all this stuff about you not really having feelings for me, and that you were just playing me, and I shouldn't have believed it but I did."

"You're damn right you shouldn't have believed it, you know me better than that." He said in a hard tone, but gently.

I sighed, sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed. Niall sat up too and I could feel his eyes on me.

"Hey." He said, nudging my knee with his own. "I know you're drunk, but talk to me."

I laughed, shaking my head and running my hand through my hair. 

"I'm not really that drunk, I was just acting like it so I would have an excuse not to be falling apart." I muttered, turning my head to look at him.

God he's beautiful. His hair was all messy, and his bright blue eyes were wide with concern. He smiled at me.

"That's what I was thinking, but I didn't want to say anything. I know Drunk Max pretty well, and that wasn't her. Tipsy Max, maybe."

I laughed and shoved his shoulder, which he chuckled at.

We both got quiet again.

"I'm scared Niall." I finally whispered.

"Scared of what? Tell me." He asked, scooting closer to me and putting his hand on my knee, sending sparks through my body.

I turned to him and could feel my eyes welling up with tears, but I was too deep in my emotions to care.

"This isn't me." I finally said seriously. "I don't get feelings for people, I just have a good time and skate by on everything. I don't do serious relationships, I probably wouldn't even be good at it. Hell I wouldn't even know how to be a girlfriend. But then I look at you, and I realize that...that I want to try." I took a deep breath, not believing that I was actually saying all this out loud. "But then I'm also afraid that I'll fuck it up like I always do, and I'll lose you. I-I can't lose you Niall...you're the only family I've got."

Tears were falling down my face at this point and I realized that this was the first time Niall had ever seen me cry, had ever seen the real me on the inside. The broken girl who was afraid to give her heart to someone because it had been stomped on so many times. He was seeing the real Max Mercer.

"Max." Niall said gently, using his index finger to tip my face up to his. "You could never lose me. And you know that I've never been in a serious relationship either, you know this. But you also know," he paused, "that I would never hurt you. And I want to try this Max. We've been avoiding the topic for months and I'm tired. I have feelings for you, and you have feelings for me. So let's just try, that's all I want."

"But what about Harry, and the fans, and--"

"Hey, hey, shh." He said, pressing a finger to my lips. "It's me and you, Max. Nobody else matters. If we just focus on us, then everything else will work out in time. And don't worry about Harry, he'll get over it."

I looked down and bit my lip, thinking.

"You promise that no matter what happens--"

"You. Will. Not. Lose. Me." Niall cut me off, taking my face in both of his hands, looking deep into my eyes as he emphasized every word. 

I stared into Niall's blue eyes and realized that he was completely serious. He wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with him. Why, I'll never know. But he did. And I was finally willing to put my heart on the line, because if anyone in this world was going to keep it safe, it was Niall.

"Okay." I whispered. "Let's try this."

Niall's face lit up. "Really?"

I nodded and he beamed, making me laugh. He was still holding my face close to his, and I had wrapped my hands around his forearms. His eyes darkened as his gaze flickered down to my lips, and the next thing I knew he had pressed his lips to mine desperately.

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