I'm in Love With You and All Your Little Things

Two girls find love in two people they never thought would have been possible. Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Two love stories in one (: Read on!


3. The Next Day

         Hannah's P.O.V

I woke up and looked over to Kaitlyn who was still sleeping. She looked so comfortable so i didn't bother waking her up. I walked to the kitchen and got out everything to make pancakes that way when she woke up we could make some breakfast. After i set everything out i went to the computer and checked my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What any normal teenager would do... When i got on Twitter i checked Liam's account to see if he had tweeted anything, then i did the same for Zayn and Louis'. When i got to Harry's i read his recent tweets so i could tell Kaitlyn about them later because she was madly in love with Harry, next i went to Niall's twitter and like stalked his tweets and favorited every single one, like i do everyday. Niall had posted a photo of him and his mom because he was at home in Mullingar. He looked as adorable and sexy as ever. 

While i was totally drooling over pictures of Niall, Kaitlyn walks in, looking like a zombie because she was so tired. She looks over at me and i smile, trying not to laugh at her hair. i logged off of twitter and walked to the kitchen with her. i pointed to the pancake batter and the mixing bowl and frying pan and got out the milk and eggs.

"So, since i got all the stuff ready, you'll make it?" I suggest.

"No, you're gonna help," she states, reading the instructions on the box

But before she can look up i sneak out of the kitchen and start climbing up the stairs to her room. While i quickly make my way up the steps i bump into her mom.

"I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention!" I say defending myself.

"It's okay Hannah, can you tell Kaitlyn to come to my room please? I'm ready to talk to her."

"Yeah sure," I reply walking back down the stairs.

When i get to the kitchen i can feel Kaitlyn's gaze following me to her, that's the gaze i get when i leave her and decide to come back. I actually get that gaze a lot.

"Kaitlyn, your mom is ready to talk to you about going to London with me!" I tell her getting overly excited again.

She smiles at me and runs up the stairs, me being closely behind her. When  we walk in we see her mom sitting on the bed watching T.V. When she notices us standing there she pats on the bed, implying for us to sit. We sit down and listen to her talk until we hear that one little word that changed our summer forever.

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