I'm in Love With You and All Your Little Things

Two girls find love in two people they never thought would have been possible. Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Two love stories in one (: Read on!


4. The Follow

    Kaitlyn's P.O.V

"Ok so me and your stepfather discussed you going to London with her and her family an we decided that we'll give you the three hundred dollars to go. But you must pay us back as soon as you can. Do you understand?" 

"Of course Mom!" I yelled with so much joy that my voice cracked.

"Oh my goodness thank you so much for letting her go! You don't know how much this means to me, to have my best friend go with me to London. Thank you thank you thank you!" Hannah replied.


Me and Hannah went to my room and blasted One Direction music until her mom came to pick me and her up because Hannah and i decided that i needed to come to her house so we can plan outfits that we'll bring.

We hopped into her van and drove to Hannah's. While in the car her mom asked us if we had asked my mom if i can go to the London,we told her that my mom said yes and she was thrilled.

"It will be so great for Hannah to have you with her, that way she doesn't have to be with her brothers the whole time. And that way me and her dad can have some quality time together," She said.

I shot Hannah a look of excitement and she shot me one back, we were so happy to be able to have the opportunity to go to England. It was gonna be amazing!


We got to Hannah's and walked to her room. Her walls were covered in One Direction posters and other sentimental things. Her closet was full of clothes that were candidates for bringing to London. We sat on her bed and talked about school and One Direction and the things that were on twitter and facebook. She was telling me about a band she absolutely adored, i think the name of the band was Fifth Harmony. It's a girl group that was on the X Factor. The only band i was really interested in was One Direction but i let Hannah fangirl about her girl group. She also fangirled about Little Mix. I know who they are of course, Zayn's girlfriend is in that band so i know who Little Mix are and i love their music too. But One Drection is the only one im a hardcore fan for. Suddenly i heard Hannah do what i call, a fangirl scream. 


I was practically choking and coughing. I looked at her and she was crying. HARD.

"You're lying," I say.

"LOOK!" She says, her hands shaking.

I look at the screen and she had tweeted him say, "Saw you're doing a tour in London! Me and my friend will be in London that time! Maybe we'll all bump into each other! (:" and he replied to her saying, "Hahaha Maybeeee(:"

By this time i was just freaking out and crying too. He followed Hannah a few seconds after i gave her her ipod back and she started crying again.

We stayed up until four in the morning fangirling so much because we couldn't fall asleep after what had just happened.

One of us got noticed by One Direction. 

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