I'm in Love With You and All Your Little Things

Two girls find love in two people they never thought would have been possible. Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Two love stories in one (: Read on!


1. Go to London With me?

          Kaitlyn's P.O.V



I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock in my ear. As soon as I check the time I realize how late it actually is. I jump out of my bed and throw on some skinny jeans and a crewneck, I apply my make up and put my hair in a bun, after i throw my shoes on and grab my backpack i run out the door, panting by the time i get to my bus stop. I got there as soon as the bus did. i walked up the steps, and sat in an empty seat. Soon the bus was at Hannah's stop and she plopped down next to me. She apparently didn't notice i had my headphones on because she was rambling on and on about something so i couldn't hear a word she was saying.

I pulled my headphones out, "What? Say it again, sorry i couldn't hear you," I tell her.

"Okay. So, my dad told me that we were taking a family trip to London and wondered if you would like to join us! If you payed your own way..." she paused, "because we wouldn't be able to afford your ticket."

"A family trip? Really?" I asked knowing that her family doesn't normally have those.

"Okay so it's not a family trip, it's a business trip for my dad's work. But his company said that he can bring his family and if i wanted to bring a friend i could but you have to pay for yourself. Do you think you're mom and stepdad would pay for you to go?"

"I'll have to ask but i don't know..." I said.

"You don't even sound excited, we have a chance to go to LONDON, ENGLAND. Do you not understand the situation we're in? This is the opportunity of a lifetime Kaitlyn! So ask and even if you get a no we will raise up money for you to go because it would just be amazing!"

I smiled and started laughing at how excited Hannah was , you could see it all over her face and how she was bouncing up and down on her seat high into the air, totally oblivious to the glare she was getting from the busdriver.

We got to school and I went to my math class while Hannah went to hers. I just sat there all class period thinking about going to London how much fun it could actually be. I was getting as excited as Hannah was, not enough to jump and down in my seat in front of my whole class, but still excited.

After second period i met up with Hannah for lunch, we sat at the table and talked about the clothes we would pack and the hot guys we would see. We were laughing and joking around so loud that we were getting stares from the people around us. 


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