I'm in Love With You and All Your Little Things

Two girls find love in two people they never thought would have been possible. Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Two love stories in one (: Read on!


6. Arrival

Hannah's P.O.V

When we got into our seats Kaitlyn gave me a nervous look while the flight attendant was doing her presentation on safety. I know she hated plane rides and the risks of flying so i gave her a sympathetic smile and looked back up at the lady. When she finished i told Kaitlyn everything was going to be okay then buckled my seat belt and the plane started moving.

I laid my head on the neck pillow i brought and slowly drifted off to sleep, by the time i woke up i saw that we were already over the Atlantic ocean. I looked over at Kaitlyn, she was on her laptop looking through Twitter or something. You know i still to this day dont know how airplanes can have wifi. Anyways i tapped her arm, showing i was awake.

"Hannah! You're awake! I've been so bored. oh my goodness. This plane ride has been so annoying not having someone to talk to. I've been on Tumblr and Twitter practically the whole time," She complained.

"Well staring at hot guys on Tumblr, shouldnt be that boring," I say jokingly.

"You know what i meant! i didnt have anyone to talk to!"

"Well i'm awake now, who's been tweeting on Twitter?" I ask.

"Well Liam tweeted a few people, Harry tweeted one fan, Zayn didn't tweet anything neither did Louis and Niall just tweeted a picture of a new guitar he bought today," She told me.

"Sounds like I didn't miss much then," I yawned.

"Nope nothing really, but the pilot announced that we'll be landing in like an hour or so."

I fell asleep again after that and i awoke to Kaitlyn shaking me and repeating "we're here, we're here!" over and over again. I was like dead tired though so at that point i didn't care... but then i woke up a little more. And then i realized what was going on and i shot up. I got my stuff together then all of us got off the plane and into our taxi. It was four in the morning in London but back where i live it was one in the afternoon so of course i wasn't able to fall asleep. Kaitlyn was out and so were my parents so all i had to do was eat, watch TV and roam the internet looking for something entertaining to do. Nada. After two hours of just scrolling through my news feed i figured i'd do a morning run around London. I left a note on the table in case my mom or dad would wake up, then went outside.


I had been jogging for about thirty minutes when i had to pull out my map of London because i had no idea where i was. I tried finding the street i was on, on the map but i saw it no where. I gave up and went into a small boutique one of the only places that was open at six thirty in the morning. i rang the bell at the front desk and an old woman slowly walked to the counter. While i was waiting for her to get to the desk (which was taking a while because she couldn't walk very fast) i looked around the shop, only seeing antiques, clothes and magnets. On the desk there was a flyer saying there was a fundraiser. Apparently the city management was going to knock down all the shops on the street unless they raised the money to save them.

When she got to the counter i asked her for directions and she showed me the right way and handed me a flyer, i put it in my pocket and thanked her for the directions and told her i'd try to come to the fundraiser.


Once i got back to the hotel it was already seven so i just decided to wake Kaitlyn.

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