I'm in Love With You and All Your Little Things

Two girls find love in two people they never thought would have been possible. Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Two love stories in one (: Read on!


5. A Little Ways Down the Road

A few months later... a day before London.


Kaitlyn's P.O.V


The last few months had been amazing, but the summer was gonna be even better. In one day me and Hannah would be on a flight to London. Like, my life was about to get a million times better. I was at Hannah's and we were getting ready and packing the last few things we needed for our flight tomorrow. It would leave at six in the morning which means we have to wake up at four. Which is just too early... too early.


We woke up at four. Sadly. But I plowed through my restlessness and carried my extremely heavy suitcase to the trunk and tried falling asleep on the way to the airport. Didnt happen, so i spent my ride looking out the window and listening to Hannah snoring while her mom and dad were talking. About twenty minutes later we were at the airport and getting our carry-ons and bags checked out. I always get nervous when im about to walk through the metal detectors. im afraid it'll go off and a bunch of people will think i have a gun in my bra or something. So when it didnt go off i just sighed in relief. The guy monitoring the security gave me a weird look, probably thinking my sigh of relief was because i got away with something but i just said hi and walked away slowly, Hannah caught up to me and her family was right behind her so soon we were at the waiting area. We had to wait for forty five minutes because the boarding time was five forty five and we got there at five. I hate waiting at airports it just makes me more nervous because all my nerves are building up for the flight. I usually travel places by car or train but since they haven't invented and underwater train... im stuck flying. which is something i dont enjoy very much. it just scares me. But its probably going to be a lot more fun since im with my best friend and not my mom.


By five fifty five, i had officially given up the idea of falling asleep again. i was too scared and excited that i couldnt fall asleep while waiting for the plane. It was obviously running late because it was practically six and they still werent boarding yet. I honestly thought that was horrible service. i mean you cant just tell people that they'll be on a plane by five forty five and not even have anyone on the plane at six. i dont know if it was just me being tired that made me so impatient or the fact that i just wanted to get to London already. I was getting so bored that i tried to talk to Hannah, but when i looked over at her seat she was gone. i asked her mom where Hannah had gone and she just pointed towards the direction of the McDonald's. 

I walked over to Hannah and when i put my hand on her back she jolted.

"Goodness Kaitlyn you scared the crap out of me!" She said, still with a frightened look on her face.

"Sorry, it's just you didnt even invite me to come with you, what if im hungry?" I said with a sass in my voice.

"Welllllll are you hungry?" She asked.

"Yes! IM STARVING! Thanks for asking!" I was so good at being sarcastic.

"Well then hurry up and order something cause the cashier is getting tired of us, ive been trying to decide what to order for like ten minutes and right when i make a decision and she asks me, 'will that be all?' you decide to come in here and make my food take longer to get into my hands. So hurry i'm hungry!"

"Calm yourself," I tell her, "I'll just take an egg mcmuffin and some hashbrowns."

"Will that be all?" The lady asks.

"YES!" Hannah bolts out.

She adds up our total and we give her the money. We wait at a table until she hands us our food. We grab our food and walk to the waiting area. We start chowing down, Hannah ordered a freaking chicken sandwich at six in the morning! What is up with that girl, everyone knows you have to order breakfast food in the morning.

It only took us five minutes to eat, and by the time we were finished the lady checking the boarding passes finally announced that our flight was boarding. So we got up, got our tickets checked, sat in our seats and waited for the plane to lift off.

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